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Outside Lands tickets for this year have been procured!  They're expensive af, but it's definitely worth it. We'll watch a few dozen bands over the course of a long weekend (and quite often we'll discover ones we hadn't heard previously!), and the food and drink are always fantastic (and local!) so it's definitely worth it.  We missed the last few due to various reasons, but this time we planned everything out so we can make it again this year. Looking forward to it!

Our friend and former roommate B has been staying with us all week (she's been going to the Gaming Developer's Conference & Expo here in the city), so it's been fun catching up with her and showing her around.  We're planning on bringing her to some of our favorite places on Saturday before she flies back east.  Here's to hoping the weather is good because I *always* bring our visiting friends and family to Twin Peaks to check out the amazing views!

Writingwise, I seem to have restarted my long-simmering Walk In Silence project.  Yes, *that* one, the one that just won't die, heh.  One of the possible updates to this that I've been thinking of was to add (gasp!) a parallel track about the pop music of the time. This is a bit of a tricky project as it's about music fandom, but it's most emphatically *not* about going to shows, insider stories, or local scenes. It's simply about being an obsessive music fan.  And how to make that interesting when all the action is essentially me sitting on my ass staring at a radio?  That's a good question. I realized the best way to do this, at least in my mind, is to show how commercial pop and rock radio and college radio played off each other in the 80s before things started blending together and becoming the commercial alt-rock of the 90s.

Also writingwise: Slowly making my way through the second chapter of Diwa and Kaffi, and building up the glossary I'll need to build up in the back.  It's an interesting mix, because there are a few alien words here and there that I made up, but there's also a handful of Tagalog phrases as well.  My plan for the latter is to make a list of these and then work with a Tagalog speaker (read: about half of my Day Job coworkers, some of whom I'm sure will be happy to assist) to ensure I'm using it all correctly.

Exercise: Oof. Yeah, I've been lazy the last few weeks, and I'm not proud of it. Then again, with B here visiting, we *did* do a bit of walking in the neighborhood on Sunday, so there's that. I also have to go into Concord TWICE next week, so that puts the kibosh on two days.  I figure April will be when I get back into the groove again.

And that's all for now...back to work for me!
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I'm going to try something here.  Even though I'm returning to the internets with scheduled blogging, I'd also like to significantly adjust my internet habits. I've called it detox before, and this is going to be similar. But instead of going out of my way to avoid specific websites, I'm going to try just...*not* being online that much if I can help it. I mean, I've done this before: closing down social media tabs for an extended time during the day and avoiding repeated temptations to open them back up. Doing my daily words and working on my blog entries instead of futzing around on YouTube or wherever.  Finding better uses of my time during the day.

I also need to start work on the revision of Diwa & Kaffi.  I'd like to take my time on this one, without a self-imposed deadline.  Added to that, I've woken up the 750Words again so I can start playing around with ideas again.  While it feels good to have a lighter work load writing-wise, I don't want to completely stop.  Starting next month I'll also be looking into finding more time for the music and the art. We'll see where this goes.

Lastly and most importantly: I need to get back on the exercise gig. I haven't so much been slacking off as I've been busy with a lot of different things going on. I plan on sticking to my gym promise of 2-3 days a week, alternating with walks through the neighborhood.  I also need to work on the diet as well...I'm starting to regain the weight I lost recently so I need to work on keeping it off, maybe even losing more along the way.  

Yeah, I know...I've blogged about this sort of thing before. Multiple times. Verbatim. Well, I'm okay with that. As long as I follow through as always, right?
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Things have been changing at the Day Job as of late.  Good things in a way, and a long time coming, but at the same time it's kind of weird and maybe a little bit stress-inducing.  See, I've been working on certain requests regarding checking since...oh, probably 2008?  And I've been part of another check process since 2014.  And within the span of a few short months, both of them have changed considerably.

For the older process, I'm still working on them and I've been told they're not entirely going away any time soon, so I've got a bit of stability there. The major change is in the communication with the print facility; it's essentially the same but via a completely different platform.  For the other mor current process however, that is essentially going away completely within the next month or so. I'm of two minds about this: on the one hand I'm kind of bummed because it was a process that I dedicated a TON of time to over the years and am quite proud of (considering a lot of it was of my creation)... but at the same time I realize that giving this up will lessen my workload and stress levels considerably.  And taken from a different angle:  I'm torn between not having to deal with that stress anymore, and having to stress about whatever I'll be assigned to next (including possible phone coverage...which I am dreading).

In the meantime, these changes and lightening of loads have also given me time to get caught up with all the fiddly day-to-day things I'm still required to do.  It feels great when I'm able to stop typing for a few minutes, exhale, and let my mind calm down for a few minutes.

Anyway, we'll take it as it comes.  I'm keeping my options open.
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 If I've learned anything over the course of my two-and-a-half-month hiatus, it's that I REALLY need to be doing something productive on a daily basis, no matter how small.  Otherwise I end up becoming lazy, overly introverted and a lot more moody.  (Well, more like releaning...I've gone through this cycle before, so I was well aware of what was happening once I noticed the familiar patterns.)  As much as I enjoyed the lower stress levels and the lack of deadlines other than a single novel release, I need to get back to work.

I'll be spending time this week coming up with ideas and planning out how I'd like to return to my creative outlets and be more social than I've been the last few months. I'll definitely be returning to the two WordPress blogs, but I'm going to keep it simple only do one entry a week for each of them for a while.  I'll be posting here on a more consistent basis.

And I most DEFINITELY need to get back into doing my daily 750.  I've let that one lapse for much too long.  I think it was partly due to finishing off both novels and nothing new to write, and needing to take a break so I could focus on revision work, but now that one of the two books are out in the wild, I need to restart work there.  As with before, I don't plan on forcing anything...I just want to get back in the habit, even if it's writing some random flash fiction.  I mean, I've written three novels that grew out of such exercises, so why change up what works, right? Heh.

Personal: Things are going to change up pretty soon for various reasons: A has a new job (yay!!) which is not from home at this time (boo!!), and various Day Job issues on my end may change at some future point (not sure when), so I'll need to rethink my hours and output anyway.  I'm also in need of getting back on the exercise gig again, so I'll need to carve out some time for that as well.

Anyway!  Enough blathering.  I need to take my afternoon break and get up off my butt for a few minutes.  

More soon!
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It seems our weekend entertainment usually falls on Saturdays, leaving Sunday to be the Errand Day.  In this case, we went to see Alita: Battle Angel at the Alamo Drafthouse in the Mission last night.  Having been a fan of the original 90s manga, I'm quite happy to say they did a fine job of remaining close to it (I read later that it's based on the first four tankobon of the original series) and that they kept the theme that it's most definitely NOT a male-gazey female-cyborg story.  I would totally go see it again, and yes, I will definitely get the blu-ray for it when it comes out.

Today's errand excitement was a walk to the farmer's market down the other end of Clement, then a drive down to Fort Mason to drop off book donations at the SF Library store and clothing donations at the Goodwill up the street.  (Why do I drive down there when I could easily use the Goodwill up the way on Clement? Parking, you see. As in There Ain't None Close By On Clement. Heh.)  I usually use that as my excuse to get out of the house and the neighborhood. Sometimes when I'm down there I'll also stop at the Flax Art Supply store and pick up some things -- I bought a smallish sketch book down there that I desperately need to start filling in.

I'm slowly cleaning everything up here in Spare Oom so I go ahead and buy a replacement for the loveseat that's in here. It's old and lumpy (it was A's and dates back to the late 90s by her reckoning) and desperately needs to go. We're planning on ordering from the same place we bought our living room couch (which came in two big boxes as a build-it-yourself thing). I'm sort of playing a long game here, planning out each step with the final goal of getting my papers, books, music and personal effects in order in this room.  Getting a new mini-couch in here is one of the biggest steps and will make things a lot easier once it's purchased and installed. 

Anyhoo!  Good news on the writing front!  IN MY BLUE WORLD IS OUT NEXT SATURDAY!!!  Woohoo!  It'll be available as an e-book at Smashwords if you follow this here link:

It's a long time coming, but I'm quite proud of this one.  I took a lot of chances with this's definitely different from the other novels I've written over the years and heading more in a direction I want and need to go in with my writing. I'm seeing it as the first of a new path for my writing, and I'm looking forward to seeing where it'll lead.

Hope everyone has a lovely week! 

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Yes, folks! I'm still here among the living. I've been spending all this time focusing on finishing off In My Blue World (which I'm FINALLY going to drop in March! Wooohoo!) and preparing myself for the revision work for Diwa & Kaffi (yes, I've decided that's going to be the title until further notice). I've also been enjoying the extended semi-hiatus from the internets, focusing more on offline projects and personal things. It's been long delayed and much needed.

I've been tempted more than a few times to return to the blogging schedule that I've held over the last couple of years, but I'm holding off. As much as I truly enjoyed it, it would often drain me. I ended up repeating myself on more than a few occasions, often without realizing. Some days I'd have all kinds of things to talk about, but other days (especially near the end there) I was really straining to come up with semi-original content.

But I also wanted to move on. I've been blogging about writing and music for years now, some years more consistently than others, and after a great personal banner year of music collecting and novel writing, I felt it was time for me to shift my focus. It's like when I talk about the YC years: I absolutely loved the schedule that afforded me the time to relax and improve my writing, but that could only last for so long. I may be a creature of habit and want to stick with that sort of thing for years at a time, I'm also a creature of wanting to shake things up. I also love the idea of starting a completely new lifestyle, whatever it may be. I get to a point where I realize I've gone as far as I can with what I'm doing, and I need to move on. There's varying reasons for that -- I've exhausted my interest, I've moved on, my tastes have changed/shifted, and so on. Sometimes it's a deeply personal thing, sometimes it's just an ephemeral thing.

(Speaking of which, I could go on about how hard it is to shift to that new lifestyle while attempting to shed old habits, ideas and so on, but I'll save that for another entry.)

I'm still a music-collecting geek and a writer, and I highly doubt those two things will be changing any time soon. But what I've realized over the past month and a half is that I still have a long way to go if I want to make the changes I do want to make. Sliding back into old habits and schedules will not help me, as again -- I can be quite the creature of habit.  I'm going out of my way NOT to return to things like that, as it's the only way I'll be able to get to where I DO need to be.

That said, I've decided I can probably get away with returning to the personal blogging here. This particular corner of my internet world has always been the easiest to shift around. There's no set schedule (I'm planning on dropping the 'Weekend Update' part of it soon enough) and there's no fixed subject to focus on. So I'll say that from here on in, I'll allow myself to slip back out into the world again after a month and a half.

On that note, hope everyone's enjoying the long weekend!  :)

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 Oh hey, I have this internet blog thing here, don't I?  Time goes by fast when I'm too busy working on deadlines.  Heh.

A few quick updates:

--Headed up to Petaluma this past weekend, initially to exchange my 12-string acoustic for a new electric 6-string.  I've only owned one (my Ibanez that I bought back in '93) and wanted to get a new one.  It's a Gretsch Electromatic, and it's a lovely piece of work.  I'm still getting used to it, but it handles quite naturally for me and I'm sure this one's a keeper.

--I've finished the next-to-last revision of In My Blue World (FINALLY).  It's funny how that seesawed from minor touch-ups to complete do-overs, depending on the scene.  I'm much happier with what I have now.  I've just started on the last revision, which is essentially fixing the grammar and syntax (I had a bit of pronoun trouble here and there) and all that fun stuff.  This shouldn't take long at all.  I'm planning on a March release to coincide with FogCon.  I will of course let you know when that happens!

--Once that's taken care of, then I can devote my writing time to the Apartment Complex book.  I'm half-tempted to just call it Diwa and Kaffi because I can't come up with anything better, but I'm sure I'll find something eventually.  We shall see.

--Day Job is per usual, nothing exciting to report there.  

Until next time... ! :)
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Just checking in to let all and sundry know that I'm still here.  All is well!  Enjoying this time off by finishing up projects and heading towards new things. :) 
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Two more days left in the year.  It's been a crazybusy 2018 all around, but it's also been an incredibly fruitful, and even positive in certain respects.  I think overall I had a damn good year all told, so I'm happy with it.  

So what's to come in 2019?  Good question.

I'm going to make good on that blogging hiatus I thought about earlier and take some time off.  I've got some personal things I'd like to sort out; things I've been putting aside for years at a time, that I'd like to finally tackle.  Some of it is creative, but a lot of it is personal.  I'll still pop up here on the weekends considering this is my personal (non-music, non-writing) blog, but I don't plan on making it a mandatory thing like I've been doing for the last year.

It's funny, I kind of feel like I'm a musician that's deciding not to go on tour or release any music for the next three years.  Taking up painting or getting a degree in something.  I expect to return soon enough, though there's no set date.  I just plan on living my life offline for a while and make some long-needed changes.

Anyway!  Here's to wishing all of you a happy, prosperous and positive 2019!   See ya on the flip side!
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It's the last Wednesday of the year already?  Dang!  Yeah, the year did go by ridiculously quick, and there were a hell of a lot of personal ups and downs, but it was also ridiculously productive and eye-opening.  Plus it was a hell of a fine year for music!  Heh.

I'll have one last Update for 2018 either on the weekend or on Monday, depending on how busy I happen to be.  (Which, given the Day Job lately, would surprisingly be "not very busy at all, really".  Not that I'm complaining.)  I've updated the other two blogs for the next few days, and then I'll give all three of them a final update on or around the 31st.  I know I've been talking a lot about Big Ideas, Changes, Hiatuses, and whatnot, so I promise these will be the last entries in which I'll talk about them.  Just something I've been looking forward to for the last few months.

Hope everyone had a fine Christmas, and has a lovely and warm New Year!

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Happy Winter Solstice!  Yay for longer days ahead!  It's surprisingly clear out in the Richmond this morning, and a bit chilly.  It was in the mid-40s when I woke up this morning and it's getting ever so slightly warmer, but I've got the heat going.  All the Christmas shopping is done, the packages from friends and family have arrived, and we don't have anything else planned other than going to see Into the Spiderverse in Japantown later this morning.  Other than that, we'll just be doing a lot of relaxing.

It does feel weird to be coming into the last-week-and-change of the year.  December flew by so quickly!  I'm not exactly complaining, mind you.  I did get a lot done, prepped myself with future plans, and so on.  There's only a few things left for me to do: coast through the last few days of year for the Day Job (which I'm hoping will be deadski) and make my end of year mixtape and best-of lists.  I may even do what I've been threatening to do the last few weeks: do a bit of a book purge!  I need to clean up our bookshelves in Spare Oom as they're full to overflowing with books I haven't read in years.  (And speaking of cleaning up, I think I need to tidy up Spare Oom closet as well.  There's a lot of my crap in there I could get rid of as well.)

But yeah...lots of long term plans being put in place for 2019.  Looking forward to them.

Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend!
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Going to the eye doctor yesterday was my one bit of excitement, and I'm happy to say that my prescription has not changed one bit.  These blues are still in pretty good shape (my only issue is a slight prism but it's barely noticeable).  Got a sweet deal on some new specs that I'll pick up once they're ready.

This was one of the last things I wanted to do before my benefits dropped from A's and switched over to mine at the Day Job.  (I've been under hers since we moved here just out of simplicity and ease of billing.)  In the new year once my new bennies are up and running I'll try to do a better job of visiting the regular doc, considering I'm getting older.  (Also to fix some of my wonky teeth once and for all.)

So wait -- one more week until Christmas?  Eep!  It's a good thing I'm all caught up with the gift purchasing AND the mailing out to various people.  I do tend to cut it a bit short now and again.  At present all I need to do is wrap some of the things I bought for A, and we're good to go!

Lastly: I'm quite happy to say that Q4 seems to be quieting down a bit here at the Day Job for the first time in a few years.  Over the last few EOYs we've had some system blow up and go kerflooey (causing a weeks-long backlog of secondary issues and complaints) or unexpected roll-outs of client requests that bottleneck the *working* system, but this time out it seems as though it's quieting down.  THANK GOD.  I'm not sure how long it'll last, but I'm embracing it and taking in the relaxation when and where I can.  *knocks on wood*

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week! 
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 Wait, Christmas is next Tuesday??  Eep!  Okay, I think I got all my shopping done...I should probably do some last minute shopping to cover my butt.  Heh.  Seriously, the last few years have been kind of slim on presents, if only because we keep saying 'eh, we don't need anything'.  Gift cards seem to be a much better idea as the years go on, it seems, and I'm down with that.  I've bought some sweet box sets out of combining the GCs I'd get over the years.

But yes, I'm counting down the days until the end of the year, like I always do.  Finishing up the things that need finishing, prepping the things I'll be starting in the new year, and all that.  The last couple of months have been a whirlwind of unexpected changes combined with equally unexpected (but quite welcome) clarity, and I have to embrace them.  I'm glad I've been able to deal with it all with a clear and positive mind, which is not something I was known for in the past.

The Day Job situation continues to be irritating, but I've become inured to the stress and the frustration for the first time in years.  It is what it is, and I've finally managed to train myself not to freak out and wind myself up.  I'm nervous about looking for a new position somewhere, but if I remain positive and refuse to give up at the first sign of failure, I can make this all happen.  I've done it before...I can do it again.

Hope everyone has a great week! 

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And quite a bit lately, it seems.  And being quite evasive about the details as well.  Yeah, I know.  It sounds like I'm pulling the "HEY I'VE GOT A SECRET but I'm not going to tell you what it is" and I apologize if it's annoying the hell out of you.  My evasiveness is partly due to not wanting to share Best Laid Plans Which Will Soon After Go Kerflooey, but it's also due to that a lot of things are indeed up in the air and not solid yet.

I've said on my writing blog recently that I've been tempted to take a year off from writing, social media, and other things.  Not as an escape or as a detox (not at this point, anyway), but just to take stock in where I am in my life.  I've been tempted to reinvent myself over the last few months.  Well, maybe not *reinvent* per se...more like get myself more attuned to who I truly am rather than the person I'm trying to portray here. If that makes sense?  There's so much mental and emotional baggage I still have that I don't need anymore, and I've been doing a hell of a lot of purging of it lately, and it feels GREAT.  I'm going in the right direction.  And the reason I've been thinking of Taking a Year Off is because this is something I don't want to live-tweet or live-blog.  I want as little outside influence for this, because that's always been one of my worst enemies.  [There's a reason "doing the right thing despite outside influence" has been a common theme in all my novels!  Heh.]

Anyway.  I don't plan on becoming a hermit.  I just don't plan on filling up my dance card with a ridiculous amount of things for 2019.  Just a few Very Important things (such as New Day Job acquisition) and not much else.  I want to see where this all goes.

Hope everyone's having a lovely week!

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Only thee weeks left to go in the year, which of course means I'll be driving myself crazy doing a bunch of last-minute things.  Things like the end-of-year best-of music lists, catching up on my reading, making plans for the next year, and so on.  This past year may have been wack in the sheer amount of fuckery going on in the Big Bad World (and in the current "administration") but all that aside, I think I've had a damn good year, personally and creatively.  

At this point I'm pretty much coasting to the end of the year.  I don't have any pressing deadlines that I *must* hit, and I'm refusing to get stressed out over Day Job stuff.  Speaking of which, the Brilliant Managerial Idea of forcing us back into the office has officially stalled, to absolutely no one's surprise.  I am "still working from home until further notice", as one of my upper managers said.  No idea when they're going to fix that part of things.  BUT.  They *did* confirm that when we DO need to move back, it won't be to an office downtown; I will have to go into Concord, across the Bay.  Suffice it to say, that was the deal-breaker for me.

So yeah, I've been actively sending out resumes, at least 2 or 3 a week for now, and hoping to get a response at some point.  I've heard back from a few (rejections, of course) but I'm not worried.  I'll find something.  I'm okay with going into the office again, as long as it's in the city.  (Even better if I can get there via public transit or can park on or near the premises.)  We'll see where this goes.

Hope everyone has a good week!

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After three or four days of allergy irritation, I'm quite happy to say that i'm no longer stuffed up and can breathe easily again!  Woo!  I even celebrated by heading to the gym this afternoon!  Now I just need to get back into my daily exercises, which I've been avoiding for the same exact reasons...

Tomorrow I'll be walking down the other end of Clement Street for a local annual holiday shopping celebration called ClemenTime.  It's a stretch of three or four blocks where the local shops will have things on sale, free refreshments, and other fun things.  I usually head down there each year to hang out at Green Apple Books for a few hours and peruse while enjoying the free beer.  And yes, there is a very good chance I won't be coming home emptyhanded, considering.  Heh.

In writing news, I've stumbled across another chapter of In My Blue World that needed a complete rewrite.  Short version is that the original had a subplot that I really didn't like and went nowhere.  The problem was that the previous chapter set up a plot point that's kind of important that I DO need to keep, so I had to figure out how to thread something in that a) made sense, b) wasn't filler, and c) could also be used/referenced later on.  It's taken me a few days to figure it out, but I figured it out!  Woo, go me!  Now hopefully I'll be back to regular speed once this chapter is done!

Meanwhile, A is having a fun time in London and tweeting lots of fun pictures and making me jealous.  She'll be heading back on Saturday, though.  In the meantime, I've tried to be good, eat halfway decently, and not stay up too late.

Hope everyone else has a great rest of the week!
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I will be driving A to SFO in a few hours so she can skitter off to London for a week, leaving me to my own devices.  Not that I'm going to be doing much of anything exciting, of course.  I'll do some errands later on today and...yeah, that's about it.  No big plans other than on Thursday evening down the other end of Clement for the neighborhood's annual holiday 'Clementime' street celebration.  (Free beer at Green Apple, woo!)  Other than that?  Yeah, I'm a pretty boring person.

In other news, I've been thinking a lot about the 90s lately, which I find interesting.  Most of you know me as someone who'd been obsessed with the 80s for years, blogging about it, going on about the music, and so on.  I haven't so much dried out on that decade, I think that I've said enough on it for now.  But the 90s?  Why the decade when I was the most bitter and miserable I'd ever been in my life?  To be honest, I think that's *precisely* why I've been thinking about it lately.  I've been doing a lot of thinking about life and I've pretty much blocked most of that decade for multiple reasons.  It was more than just bad relationships, bad friendships, and bad financial decisions.  But I don't think I've ever completely made peace with that time...I had to get my head straight with other things first.  I think I'm able to revisit that time now, and make a little more sense of it.  I know there's a lot in there that I can parse that'll make more sense to me in the present tense. [I do sense a 90s-themed blog series starting in the near future over at Walk in Silence.  Heh.]

So why would I want to do this?  Well, the simple answer is this: I ignored a hell of a lot of personal and emotional stuff that I should have been processing then. I was far too passive, far too reactive.  I know I hid a lot of things from myself out of fear or embarrassment.  So yeah.  Time to come to terms with a few things.

ANYWAY!  Yes, it will be a quiet week here with A off gallivanting in London.  I'll probably stay up too late doing revision work, but I'll try to hit the gym at least a few times!  It's business as usual here at the apartment.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!
jon_chaisson: (Default) particular, I'm thinking of doing a purge of books again. I'm making my way through the music biographies I have and clearing off my bedside TBR pile at a good clip (status: currently reading Warren Zanes' book about Tom Petty).   I'm at the point where I'm pretty sure I won't be reading some of these books I've held onto for so long.  Come to think of it, I've been kind of super-choosy about my book buying lately as well.  I think part of it is that I've grown tired of some of the popular trends lately (post-apocalypse, urban fantasy, grimdark) and nothing's really grabbing me as of late.  Not that I've slowed up on my GoodReads list is actually LONGER this year than it was last year!  I think I'm just doing a lot of reading in other genres -- music biogs, comic trades and manga tankobon, and so on.  

Anyhoo, I'm sure by the time I go through the bookshelves I'll have more tomes to donate to the Friends of the SF Library bookstore down in the Marina!  :)

That's all for now, folks...nothing else new to report! :p 
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I'm glad I decided to take a few weeks off from blogging and other things, as I definitely needed it.  I let myself mentally calm down a bit and focus on the important personal things.  I hated that I also had to do it due to Day Job stress, but I'm (hopefully) past that avalanche of work and I don't have to worry about it for now.  Everything is relatively back to normal, so I'm going to return to our Regularly Scheduled Blog Posts.

[Speaking of Day Job: I haven't heard a peep yet out of the official move-back-to-office date, which is also relieving stress, but I'm too nervous to say anything about it for fear that I'll jinx it. *knocks on wood*]

 The job search has been interesting.  Due to being so busy the last few weeks I haven't submitted my resume nearly as much as I'd like to, but I've at least sent it once or twice a week when I find a posting that intrigues me. Right now I'm getting email notifications from a few websites (including Google itself -- and I've had some good hits with it!) and now and again I'll pop onto a corporate website and check their Careers links.  I haven't had any responses as of yet, but I'm giving everyone a bit of a buffer time here, considering it's holiday season.  I'm sure I'll hear from someone eventually.  [I'm still seeing a number of those particular jobs posted, so I'm going to assume this is the case.]  

Once I finally switch jobs, at that point I'll finally start implementing more changes to my life and writing that I've had in mind.  Once I'm settled, then I can figure out a new writing regimen; I can figure out when I can hit the gym, when the insurance kicks in, and all that.  I'm planning on 2019 being a year of personal change.

Anyhoo!  Hope everyone had a peaceful Thanksgiving weekend, and has a good upcoming week!

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Rain, blessed rain!  It's been dry and stale here for far too long.  While it's probably hindering some progress of the post-fire triage and cleanup, it's clearing the air here in the Bay Area and we're able to breathe again without feeling like we're inhaling chalk dust.  It also means that there's a bit of wind as well, pushing the smoke away.  This morning before the downpours started I was able to see the Marin Headlands from Spare Oom's window for tie first time in weeks.  Woo!

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving is nearly here.  We'll be driving up to Petaluma to have dinner with A's family this time.  Alas, I still have to work on Friday but I'm expecting it to be relatively dead.  I'm kind of hoping it is so I can finally get caught up and clear up the inboxes.  That also means I should probably start with the Christmas shopping as well, yes?  I'll have to start prodding the family and asking what they'd like.  I'm trying to be better at ordering things early on instead of last minute!  

Which of course means coming to terms with the fact that it's already coming close to the end of the year already.  I'm not even going to say 'what the hell happened' this year, because a LOT happened.  Some stressful things, some annoying things, but also some fascinating and wonderful things.  I could dwell on the fact that A was laid off from her job, but it also let her truly relax for the first time in a few decades (and let her do a lot of things she'd been putting off for too long), and made me do a serious rethink of my own career and life.  We're both still in a good place right now, so it all evens out.  I'd say despite the numerous ups and downs, I've had a pretty good 2018.

Hope everyone has a good relaxing weekend!  Don't eat too much! :)


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