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Stolen from [ profile] dancinghorse and [ profile] aberwyn and [ profile] la_marquise_de_...

The rules:

1. Go to page 77 (or 7th) of your current ms
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written. No cheating.

Since I divvy up my manuscripts by chapter and don't put page number headers up until much later, I had to do a bit of math here...but it looks like it ended up being somewhere near the end of Chapter 3 of Love Like Blood. Come to find out, it's one of my favorite scenes!

Shrieking gave way to ecstatic hooting and hollering. Enclavers lined the roofs of the buildings on Boylston Street. They stood between the two short spires above the church's doors...and on top of the eaves...hell, I think saw a few on top of the tall building the next street over. They were on top of the Fairmont Hotel on the south side of the square, a good few hundred of them...and I was sure if I looked up behind me, there would be a phalanx standing on the library roof.

All of them vampires.

Over a thousand of them, all here in this one spot.

All because of me.

Suddenly Duncan and the black blur shot towards then past me to my left, so close I felt their breath as they flew past, the blur's leather duster flapping by me and snapping against my arm, leaving a stinging welt even underneath my own jacket. I twirled around from the force of their move, almost shoved off balance, only to catch myself just as I heard a hard
THOCK against the library’s granite façade. I looked up...both had landed sideways against the granite for a few brief seconds, both of them on their haunches, breathing heavily and staring and snarling at each other.

I finally had a good look at who was kicking Duncan’s ass.

Cassandra glanced at me, winking and flashing a fang. “Hey,” she said.
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[ profile] emmalyon and I have been visiting various Boston landmarks the last few days during vacation, so I decided I'd take some pictures of things and places that have influenced my writing over the years, or were at least important to my writing. Enjoy!

There are places I remember all my life, though some have changed... )

I wish I'd have taken more pictures (I would have liked to have gotten pictures of Charlesgate, my apartment in Allston, and a few others), but we didn't have the time. I may grab those pictures from the internet later on and post them in a follow-up, however.

We'll be heading out west to my parents' house tomorrow, so I will most likely be taking more reference pictures as the week progresses.
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1. A picture of our neighborhood from the parking lot near the Presidio Landmark apartments, taken earlier today.

2. I love the new scanner I bought. I still need to figure out how to change the settings to color and get photocopy quality, but for now I like the fact that at this point, I'm at least getting a goodly amount of digitizing done, and that's what's important. I want to at least get the writing and the artwork scanned. Any other stuff that needs high-quality digitizing, well, I can figure that out when I get to it.

3. One more week of work, and then [ profile] emmalyon and I are on vacation to the east coast! We'll be visiting Boston for the first half of the week, and then hanging out in western MA for the rest of the time. Looking forward to it!

4. I'm having a hell of a time trying to revise/rewrite the opening scene in Chapter 1 of A Division of Souls and it's bugging the hell out of me. I think it might be that I'm out of touch with the story...I may need to give the opening a good strong reread before I start pulling it apart.

5. On the other hand, the revision for Love Like Blood is going strong. Considering I'm on Chapter 3 and I only started revising in the middle of last month, I think that's pretty good. I plan on ramping the speed a little more, maybe get at it at least halfway done by next month.

For tomorrow: a possible walk to the ocean and breakfast at Louis' Restaurant if it's not too crowded, more scanning, a bit of writing, other house errands, and not too much else. It's been a pretty relaxing weekend so far.
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I'm still not happy with my writing output at this point. And I know it's my own damn fault. I've been letting myself get distracted again. I know exactly why I'm doing it, and I've already talked about it here, so I won't repeat myself.

So...time to pull out the Big Guns again--the Schedule.

The Schedule under this here cut to save space )


I love it when I find the perfect book completely by accident.

[ profile] emmalyon and I went to Green Apple yesterday for our usual book shopping, and as I walked past the PC/Computer/HTML how-to section, a book caught my eye: Scott McNulty's Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read. This is EXACTLY what I need to get the WP site up and running correctly. This is one of the weekend projects I'd need to work on initially, just to make sure I have it up and running okay. Once I have the technical side down, then I'll be able to blog to my heart's content. I'll let you know when that's up and running.
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Wow...where do I start?

I knew going in that this wasn't your usual fan-based or genre-based con (such as Worldcon, Readercon, FOGcon, etc.). I wasn't going to see silly panels debating Bradbury vs. Asimov, or filk sessions, or cosplay contests, or things such as that. Put it this way--this was a work conference for writers, agents, and publishers. In that respect, I'd prepared myself to think about the conference as part of my writing career: a way to think seriously about it, ways to improve it, and more importantly, a way to reach out to others like me who are in the same boat, no matter what professional level they're at.

My first social impression is that the people at the conference here were amazingly friendly. Complete strangers would scan my badge (they deliberately made the first names large so people could read them quickly) and would say hi as they walked by. I'm not the most social person out there--I'm more of a quiet observer than a chatterbox--but this openness definitely helped me open up myself. Within an hour I'd had a good handful of short conversations with others. Additionally, many of the people loved to ask each other what they were currently working on, so it was fun to bounce ideas off random strangers.

It also helped that quite impressive breakfasts and luncheons were offered on Friday through Sunday. Fitting about five hundred or so people into the ballroom meant that there would be about eight to a table, so it was hard to ignore the people next to you as you touched elbows with them. I met a few very nice people, young and old, during these luncheons and the conversations were always fun.

The panels (or "classes") were very well run...very much like any other con, they had a few available per hour that you could choose from. Most ran for about 45 minutes which gave you a good fifteen minutes between panels so you could make it to each one with quite a bit of time to spare. They had a few tech people on hand to jump in at a moment's notice if there were any problems with the audio and/or video--that alone was impressive, considering I always felt most cons didn't have enough A/V people. Which reminds me--all of the panels were recorded for posterity, and I could order copies if so desired. I don't think I've ever been to a con that's done that.

The crazy special part--the "Speed Dating with Agents"--was probably the most nerve-wracking-yet-fun thing I've ever done related to writing. It's exactly what it says: you get in line for a specific agent you want to talk to, and when it's your turn, you have three minutes to do your pitch. Well--given that I hadn't really done a professional pitch like this before, I did what I could not to go down in flames. It did help that all the agents were super nice and willing to listen and had nothing but positive things to say, even if they weren't interested or thought it needed work. I pitched Love Like Blood to one who thought it was an interesting twist on the idea, though they felt there was definitely a glut of vampire books out there. She did suggest sending in the firs ten pages (I've a feeling that was said to quite a few, but it still felt good to hear). I pitched Walk in Silence to another, admitting that it wasn't quite finished, and they thought it was an AWESOME idea and that I just needed to get my name out there a bit more, and would definitely be interested. So yeah, there's that. :)

There's more I want to get into, but it's getting late here and I need to get some last minute writing done before the end of the evening. Perhaps I'll post a bit more over the next few days on some panel-specific thoughts I had.
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Harry Connolly (aka [ profile] burger_eater), author of the Twenty Palaces books I'm currently reading, had an interesting post the other day regarding writing for a specific audience, and it got me thinking about the same thing: Who am I writing for? Who is the audience?

As I'd mentioned in my response to his post, I think a lot of us writer n00bs tend not to think about such things right that point in the game, we're too busy thinking I just wanna get published! and not much else. Maybe, just maybe, we take it a bit further and say I want to publish a science fiction/fantasy/litfic/urban fantasy story because I think it's a neat idea. It's a start, and it's part of the whole writing/publishing experience, but there's more to it than that.

In the barest of terms of why I write certain things: I wrote the Eden Cycle trilogy because I wanted to create a world the alien visitors were actually our distant relations and how that would affect Earth's society. I originally wrote Love Like Blood because I wanted to write an urban fantasy that didn't take itself way too seriously. I'm writing Angela Death because I want to write a YA book about teenagers coming into their magical abilities in a world where magic is the norm. I'm writing The Children of Dun Corran because I want to write a magic-based story set in an enclosed tribal society. And of course, I'm writing Walk in Silence because there's very few books on the "college rock" scene and there's a bajillion books out there about punk and other alt.rock scenes.

Which is all fine and good. I have reasons to write these books "because it's a neat idea". Don't get me wrong, I'm not dismissing that as a lame excuse, but why else am I writing them? In fact, WiS is probably the closest in what I'm trying to get at here--the other books are about something I'd like to write about, but WiS is because I want to share my story about one of my obsessions that I think is worth sharing with an audience of other alt.rock obsessives.

So again...who am I writing for? Is there anyone in particular, or even a general audience, that I'm targeting? I mean, aside from your normal everyday reader? It's not something I've actively thought about for a length of time, and I think that's partly because I'm thinking of too wide a margin. Is the Eden Cycle aimed at anyone in particular, other than an audience who would be interested in the differences and similarities of two separate societies?

As [ profile] emmalyon said to me when critting Love Like Blood a few years back, the problem there was that I was trying too hard, and it fell flat more often than not. What I thought was funny and jokey, she thought was a bit too flippant and "funny only to me". I understood what she meant, but at the same time, it's taken me awhile to really understand what she meant by that. And I know exactly where the problem lies--I'm still stuck in the mindset of writing for myself first, and hoping everyone else gets it. It's good that I see that, but it's something I still need to actively remember.

Perhaps it's something to think about further. I'm not about to dismiss any of these stories as wastes of time now because they're not for anyone in particular, mind you--it's more that maybe it's time that I narrow down my focus while I revise. I should still write for myself so that I can infuse some spirit into it, but I should also keep in mind that if these are to be published, I'm writing for potential readers as well. Figuring out who those readers are and how they would take it in is the hard part, but it's a vital one.
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Main Goals
--Finish and prepare front burner projects
      --A Division of Souls (revision, submission)
      --Love Like Blood (revision, submission)
      --Walk in Silence (writing, interviews, research)
--Prepare secondary projects for shift to front burner
      --The Persistence of Memories (revision)
      --Can’t Find My Way Home (revision of outline, writing)
      --Angela Death (revamp of story/outline, writing)
--Utilize time available for new projects
      --Longhand writing when away from PC/laptop
      --Weekends for non-writing projects

By Time

--As time allows, time spent between arriving at work and actual work time (7am-ish to 7:30am) should be utilized by longhand work. This can include poetry, new work, notes, revision, or brainstorming.

--As time allows, time spent after arriving home (minus any errands/dinner/workout, etc.) should follow the "By Week" schedule below. Minimum productive writing time: 1.5 hours, more if time allows.

By Day

--Outlining current and future projects
--Post poem on Dreamwidth account (worked on over the week or at that moment)
--Walk in Silence project
      --Research or writing
      --Update WordPress WiS website
--2x a month: Artwork--work on a project or scan and post

--New Words


--New Words

--Update WordPress WiS website (optional)

--Any transcription/revision of longhand into PC
--Catch-up on any work of current week

--Outlining current and future projects
--New Words and/or Revision
--Tumblr picture post

--New words or revision as time allows
--Any additional work/posting is of course acceptable, if time allows.

By Project

Current projects/works in progress to be worked on:

--Update reference files and character sheets

--Brainstorming new ideas
--Character sheets
--Outlining and plot-mapping
--Outtakes and notes
--Longhand writing


--Outline revision
--Character sheets
--Longhand writing

--Revamp of characters and story
--Character sheets
--Longhand writing


Non-Writing Projects (Long-Term)

--Guitar practice
--Record demos on PC software
--Dub/Remix older songs from cassette

--Murph strips/storyline
--scanning of older work
--posting online

--Learn more about what I can do with new camera
--Utilize Photoshop for editing, etc.
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On the first day of 2011, I posted my writing schedule for the year. It included the picture of the whiteboard on the wall above my desk that I referred to over the course of the last twelve months. I tried to even things out so I was always doing something every single day, even if it was something quick and easy or fun, like posting a picture or writing a poem. The post also included a suggested schedule to work off of, similar to the whiteboard but in more detail. It wasn't something I had to adhere to, only a suggestion. I tried to include my multiple open projects when I could.

So, how did it work out? Let's do a review:

--The whiteboard schedule worked out nicely and to my advantage, actually. It was a great daily reminder to get something done, even if it wasn't exactly what I should have been writing on. If I was already in Spare Oom (usually if I'd been working from home that day), all I needed to do was pop my head up and see what I needed to do on that day. If I was out in the living room instead, I'd just pop into the room to review.

--The 'suggested schedule' part of the post didn't quite pan out the way I wanted it to due to different reasons (wanting to catch up on something else, lack of time/inspiration, etc.), but in the end I'm looking on the positive end of it. After awhile I dropped the "project #2" (at the time it was the Love Like Blood revision) and focused most of my time on the major revision of A Division of Souls, and I'm glad to say I'm about halfway done with it already. I also got a lot farther with Walk In Silence than I expected, even though I have a lot more writing to do for it. I didn't get as much poetry written as I'd wanted (I'd originally planned on twice a week), but 51 poems of substance over the course of a year is actually pretty good for me, considering I only wrote about twenty total over the last five years. The writing LJ (the one with my name on it) kind of fell by the wayside too, and my last post there is two months old. All that said, I'm not exactly frustrated or annoyed that this part didn't pan out. I just need to adjust it more to my abilities.

So where do I go from here? What should I change and what should I keep? What should I adjust? More to the point, what are my goals?

Well, more on that tomorrow, when I post a new Day One writing schedule for 2012. For now I'm doing something slightly different here...I'm playing around with my schedule by using a legal pad and working it out longhand (longhand itself being another goal). I'm aiming for this coming year to be more creative than ever, and I'm really looking forward to it.

For now I'll just say that my plan for 2012 is to take It would be a neat idea to eventually _______ and reword it to say _______ is a neat idea--let's find the time to do it!
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This was probably the first time in awhile where I deliberately chose not to participate (usually I'm more passive about it--"oh, it's 11/5 already and I forgot...oh well, too late now"). However, this was also the first time I really thought about why I chose not to this time. There's a few reasons why I don't do it, and they have nothing to do with it being a good/bad/stupid/brilliant writing exercise:

--My word count varies from day to day. I've had days where I've written 4,000 words in the span of three hours, and there's been days when I had to strangle my brain just so I could eke out 600 in two. It really depends on what I'm working on and where I am in the project.

--While writing around 1700 words a day for a whole month is doable, I'm just too much of a damn perfectionist (that is, I'm a revise-as-I-go type of writer for the most part), and if I start out cold with little or no idea where it's going, then I'm setting myself up for failure. Day One will be new words, Day Two will be rereading and touching up Day One's work, and leaving very little time left for Day Two's expected word count.

--While I can certainly 'make it up as I go along', my writing is that much slower when I do. If I'm working from a completely clean slate, unless the book is going to be a relatively simple plot with little worldbuilding, I just won't be able to squeeze it into thirty days.

--I'd feel like I'm cheating if I did an outline beforehand. I know, it doesn't matter, but that's just the way I am. I normally don't do complete outlines, but I plan at least a chapter or so ahead while writing, so I'm not completely winging it.

--Personal events have gotten in the way over the years. Vacations, moving preparations, day job workload, personal stress...all of these have gotten in the way in the past, and I've decided that it's just not worth the extra stress, especially it being fourth quarter.

--I can work on a deadline, even if I do hem and haw all the way (and thankfully [ profile] emmalyon puts up with it). But too many times I've gone into NaNoWriMo with the best of intentions only to fail miserably about a week or so later. Last year it was because I realized my NaNo project (a "complete rewrite" exercise for A Dvision of Souls) was going in a direction I did not want it to go, and stopped it before I wasted any more of my time.

All that said...

The weekly schedule I created at the start of this year was probably the best idea I've had for my writing in the last decade. I knew that setting up some sort of ritual would work, considering that from 2000 to 2005 I was down cellar in the Belfry almost every single night from 7pm to 9pm, listening to my latest CD purchases and hammering out at least a thousand new words for the trilogy (or near the end, for Love Like Blood). I didn't get a chance to work on that for the latter half of the decade due to being newly married, moving across the country, among other things. There was also the deliberate avoidance of writing out of frustration, which I've gone on about here on LJ before. Suffice it to say, I believe finishing the trilogy really put me back on track there.

The long and short of all of this? I don't think I can finish a novel in thirty days, not without causing aggravation...but I could conceivably finish one in a year if I follow a schedule. And I'm happy with that.
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Vacation and work seems to have bent my schedule out of shape a bit, but I've decided that sticking to it instead of trying to play catch-up makes more sense. Which means that I'm a week behind on a few things, but I'm sure I can make it up elsewhere.

My writing-at-work project--a rough outline/ongoing personal commentary for Walk In Silence--is finally done as of last Friday, so that means that I can pick up on a newer longhand project. I'm torn between working on Can't Find My Way Home or something else, but I have an empty three-subject notebook burning a hole in my backpack, so I'd better decide soon. As for WIS, I've been doing the transcribing on Friday nights, which will then be edited/revised a bit further when I need to grab for them. And since that part's done, this means that the heavier research is about to kick in. I'm really looking forward to this part, since I have a vague idea of how I want it to play out but am not entirely sure what will and won't make it to the final version.

As for the other proejcts--the weekday revision of A Division of Souls (Mon-Tue) and Love Like Blood (Wed-Thu) is slow going, but it's going in the right direction. As time permits, I will most likely push myself a bit more and quicken the pace of my output, once I get more used to being on this schedule. Either way, though, it's still working out well and I find myself being even more excited about working on these things, especially when it's not the day to work on them. I like how that turned out. :)

In non-writing news...I'm thinking today is a good day to start my other resolution--to get in better shape. We were planning on heading up to the library this afternoon, so the walk will definitely do me good. And given that the weather is cooperating lately, I should start getting off at the Park Presidio stop rather than a few blocks away from the apartment, and walking home. And if the weather keeps cooperating, we may restart our weekend thing of doing some walking/hiking around the neighborhood, and perhaps either in the Presidio or at GGP (I do love how they're both within walking distance! :) ). And I should probably fire up the Wii Fit again and do some exercising again, just to get the rest of me in better shape too.

Other than that...we'll be on vacation again in a few weeks--my first week off is in February--and we'll be heading down to San Simeon to Hearst Castle again, with a two-day layover in the Carmel/Monterey area again. It's been a couple of years since we were last there (and it occurred to me that we were last there before Big Sur had the forest fires, so that area may look a bit different now). I'm really looking forward to that, as that area was one of my favorite places we visited on the coast. Pictures will of course be taken and I may bring Emm's IBL (Itty Bitty Laptop) for some nighttime writing sessions back at the hotel. Looking forward to that!

So yeah...2011 is shaping up to be a good year so far. Here's to hoping it stays that way!
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No Pats game here on the west coast. BOO! X( On the other hand, we do get the Raiders/Steelers game, as well as the Bucs/Niners game, so at least we do have some local games. Although I've a feeling the Niners are going to tank as usual...this is definitely not their season...

Today continues the weird weather: the rain sun rain sun MAKEUPYERFRIGGINMIND who-knows-at-this-point is most likely going to play havoc with any ideas of going outside, although a quick run for coffee may be in order, as usual. It's freakin' COLD out this morning, in terms of San Francisco weather at least (yeah, I know 49 degrees is balmy back east, shut up). The psychotic weather should end somewhere around Tuesday, just in time for a few sunny days near the end of the week. Just in time for Turkey Day! :)

Not too much else to report here...I need to start the laundry, straighten up Spare Oom a bit, maybe even do a bit more cleaning. You know, the usual boring housecleaning. I believe we have nearly everything we need for our Thanksgiving food preparation ([ profile] emmalyon is gonna make butter tarts!!), so I don't think we need to do much food shopping, especially since we bought quite a bit from the Grande around the corner yesterday.

And later, while listening to the Potted Plant Countdown (thank you, streaming WAMH), I'll be doing more work on Love Like Blood. As mentioned briefly on my Facebook page, chapter 9 needs a bit more work, so after I finish this go-round, I may backtrack and go over it again. It still feels a bit rough. Plus my usual Sunday afternoon poetry over at Dreamwidth.

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday!
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Love Like Blood, near the end of Chapter 5:

There was indeed a spark between us, and we both had accepted it for what it was. She was the vampire, I was the mortal. She could kill; I could keep her from it. There was a balance between us that no one could take away; we'd both promised each other's safety.

We’d never promised anything else. We didn’t have to.

I like how that one ended up. :)
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Granted, the first few days of this past week were productive, as I was able to get a few more pages done on Love Like Blood, which I think has come out in the lead as far as who's leaving the front door next in a nice package to a friendly editor/agent. I'm already halfway through it, and I'm happy with what I'm seeing so far, so we'll see where it goes.

As for A Division of Souls, this one seems to be evolving into one of those projects you work on for decades in hope that it eventually ends with something shiny and readable. I'm still in need of rearranging/cleaning up/editing the first four or five chapters--gods know they need it--and there even may be a Sniny Brand New Chapter or Two in there to replace the weak spots. Specifically, I'm finding that it is important to have Governor Rieflin in there, even if his plot is somewhat secondary--he's there as a voice of the unaffected, someone to give voice to those who fear what's happening (and to me, it seems a little strange to completely keep that out). An encapsulation of Vox Populi in a way, I suppose. He's misguided, but he means well, and eventually he'll learn the truth, just like everyone else.

Other than that...I've been doing a bit of goofing off too. Still trying to get out of Vacation Mode, even if it is a three-day weekend!

More soon, perhaps at [ profile] jonchaisson.
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Okay! Forcing myself to be in a better mood now that I've narrowed down what the hell was originally wrong with my PC, I'm going to pretend that the last month's worth of PC frustration didn't happen. Out of sight, out of mind.

Onto interesting weekendy things:

--There's a guitar store up on Clement between 9th and 10th Avenues called Exploring Music that sells some really nice acoustic guitars, including an acoustic bass for about two-seventy-something that I'm eyeing. Not a bad price, considering all the other acoustics around it are more around the $400 range...and I think the brand is local, which is neat!

--Managed to catch up on sleep, so I'm quite happy about that. I was seriously dragging on Friday and was amazed that I'd made it through the day.

--[ profile] inochinoakari and [ profile] athalran are now married by this point, I believe! They were the reason for my lack of energy on Friday, as we picked them up from SFO for a quick stopover before they caught their connecting flight to Hawaii for the wedding. Well worth the lack of sleep, though...congrats, you two! :)

--Eating: Saturday we stopped at Hamburger Haven on Clement for brunch. The place is a total dive and looks like one of your old-timey mom and pop restaurants in a small town, but they make some damn fine breakfast. And today for lunch we went to Hard Knox Cafe up the street, where I had a Cajun Lucy (a version of the Jucy Lucy but with peppers and pepperjack cheese). I am quite full now. *URP*

--Our weekend walking was kind of shortened this time, partly due to it being quite cold and windy today. We were originally going to take the 38 up to the end and then walk back on the Land's End/Fort Miley paths, but it just seemed too cold. So we ended up walking up to I believe 37th Ave, cutting over and heading down Clement. Just a little over a mile this time, but considering we walked at least twice that yesterday going to the Library and back, I won't complain.

--Pictures: I just finished uploading all sorts of stuff, and am currently uploading the Grizzly Bear Smackdown to YouTube so I can post it, so once that's all set I'll post some long-awaited pix! Plus, I think I need to upload some newer LJ icons. I haven't updated them in quite some time and I think it needs a change.

--Writing: Okay, so I've been lazy the past few days, partly due to exhaustion, but I've been doing something every day, so it's not a total loss. Again, I do plan to continue most of my writing out in the living room and then updating it here in Spare Oom on the weekends. Getting some headway on Love Like Blood, but A Division of Souls definitely needs more work. Aside from that, I'm glad I'm getting it done! :)

Hope everyone else had a good weekend! :)
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Love Like Blood:
Finished off another revision of Chapter 3. I'm thinking the Big Action Scene near the end of the chapter still needs a bit of work, or at least a better lead into it, but I'll work on that on the next wave through. The final shot probably needs a bit of work too. Working on Chapter 4 now, in which we find Our Hero doing all sorts of fun things three months later. I just started this so I'm not exactly sure what needs fixing yet.

A Division of Souls:
I have to remind myself that my writing style for LLB is definitely different from this one, so it doesn't necessarily need to sound the same. On the other hand, Most of this was written a good eight or nine years ago so could probably do with some dusting off. There's a lot of extraneous stuff not needed, a few connecting scenes not needed, and a lot of prose that needs cleaning up. Keep in mind, this is still dealing with the first few chapters...which almost always need a lot of work come revision time.

Walk In Silence:
Due to the fact that I'd saved the two WIS chapters in a newer MS Word format that this laptop doesn't have, I find myself currently not working on the actual writing of it. However, yesterday afternoon to evening I started something I'd meant to do some time ago, a "music chronology" reference sheet--basically a chronology of music releases (only some albums at present, but will add singles, comps, and other timely things to it once Spare Oom is back up and running). My reason for making this is so I can refer to a chronology without having to boot up my mp3 collection or go to Wikipedia every five minutes. Sure, it might be a bit off, but it's something to work with at any rate.

A few ideas in mind that may see light this coming week. More about that soon.

The scheduling is working well so far! Basically I worked on LLB on Monday and Tuesday, ADoS on Wednesday and Thursday, did a bit of both on Friday, and worked on the WIS chronology on Saturday. There's room for variation, but I like how this is working out, so I'll be sticking to it.
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Over the Weekend:
A few good hours' worth of work on Love Like Blood, enough to get Chapter 2 finished. I think I managed to edit out a goodly amount of craptacular work but managed to add at least six pages' worth of much better stuff.

Buh. A page and a half of editing/revision of A Division of Souls. This needs a LOT of work. Most time spent being distracted by Food Network reworking the opening of Chapter 2 (aka the second half of the original Chapter 1), I'm still not happy with. I may need to just read that entire scene and decide if I really need just feels like it's not that important of a scene, at least not until Caren and Poe head over to visit Matthew. Yeah, this one needs a lot of work.

Coming Up:
Another day of ADoS work tomorrow...two more days of LLB after that, and perhaps some work on Can't Find My Way Home on the weekend.
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So yeah, moving all my personal files (read: copies my writing, pictures and mp3s) *back* to the externals is taking some time, but hopefully everything will be back to normal by this evening. Contemplating which programs I *really* need on there and ones I can put on at a later date.

Went to the SF Zoo yesterday where I managed to video ten full minutes of GRIZZLY BEAR SMACKDOWN. The two grizzlies they have there were having a bit of fun wrasslin' in their pool and I got some really good footage out of it. I may post it here at some point soon. ALSO! The fishing cats are now up near the rest of the cats there, and one could tell they were still a bit nervous about being there. Emm got a really good picture of one hissing at her. And OMG, there were two monkeys (forgot what kind they were) that would NOT shut up. You could hear them all the way across the entire zoo. I think they even got the lemurs all worked up and howling at one point too.

So I'm reading what I have of Can't Find My Way Home, and OH MAN does it need work. The prose is craptastic and the dialogue is wooden. On the plus side, I have a complete outline to work with, so I can start over if/when need be.

Also, slowly but surely moving along with Love Like Blood. It's still in need of work, and there are a few subplots I may either drop or revise completely, but other than that it's moving in the right direction. Just wish I had more time in a day to work on it!

Did our walking today by taking the #1 bus up to Arguello and walking all the way back via Clement Street. Had brunch at Q Restaurant, stopped at Green Apple Books, and finally stopped at the Quickly up the street from our place for bubble teas.

Further on today: continuation of PC fixing, plus doing laundry (doing that currently), and maybe squeezing in some writing if I have time left over. Plus watching all sorts of fun stuff on TV.
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Not much on the list of stuff to do this weekend, but since it's supposed to be all gorgeous and everything, we may do a few outside things this weekend. We're thinking of heading to the Zoo on Saturday, as we haven't gone for awhile...and they now have the fishing cats out to see! :) On Sunday we might also do what we did last weekend, and walk partway through the Presidio area, since we're much closer to it now.

Which of course means more picture posting! :D

(Which reminds me...[ profile] juniperblue, sorry I didn't answer back to your comment, but I'll post some more local pix soon. I think I have a goodly amount under my 'pictures' and 'richmond sf' tags :) )

Other than that, I'm going to try to fix my PC again, probably this evening or Saturday afternoon. Plus some writing, of course! Quick update on that--I'm back to revising/rewriting Love Like Blood, and it's looking even better than the previous version, which I'm happy about. I'm seeing some good passages, but I'm also seeing a lot of gaps and a lot of write-crap-now-fix-it-later bits, which is what I'm focusing on right now. Sadly I'm only about a third through Chapter 2 (out of twenty), so this may take a bit longer than it really should, but I'm doing what I can.

Hope everyone has a spiffy weekend! :D
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I just finished another runthrough of Chatper 1 of Love Like Blood. That should not have taken that long!!

As it stands: 36 pages, 10433 words. Kind of long and most likely will be cut into two chapters, but the scene has been set and it reads a HELL of a lot better than when [ profile] dancinghorse and [ profile] emmalyon last looked at it. I'm not sure, but I think the ending could use a little more polishing, but other than that it looks good.

One down, nineteen more to go.

*sigh* The work of a writer never seems to end... ;)
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So I haven't exactly been coming up with new words lately, but I've been keeping myself busy on a nightly basis by working on a few projects:

Love Like Blood edit/revision
It's been bothering me that I now have at least (1..2..) six projects in various states of completion (nine if you count the trilogy books separately), two/four of which are complete and just need revision. I've sat on this one for quite a bit since having [ profile] emmalyon and [ profile] dancinghorse give some of it a once-over, letting it simmer while working on other things. There's also the fact that I've been reading Jim Butcher's Dresden Files books lately, which I realized has a similar feeling as LLB.

So far I'm in the middle of reworking the first chapter, and I like how it sounds so far. There were a lot of passages that needed padding, and a lot of phrases that needed reworking, and I think it's coming along nicely. Who knows, I may post a revised version over at [ profile] jonchaisson later on for your enjoyment! :)

Walk in Silence
I'll admit I haven't been working on this lately, partly due to the above, but it hasn't left my mind. I've been doing a bit of research now and again, as it were, looking through the discographies of some of the bands and albums I'll be mentioning and putting them in some semblance of order. That, and I'm kind of plotting in the back of my head of where I want to go with it.

Can't Find My Way Home
I haven't picked this one up yet, but it's off the back burner and simmering close by. I have a printout of what I have so far, as well as the completed outline, and as soon as I find more time I'll be toying with this one as well. There's a few issues with the outline that I've been contemplating lately and again, when I have time, I may pick them up.

The Bridgetown Trilogy and the sequels
Again, when I have the time. The start of the first chapter of the new book is kind of feeling flat, so I may play around with it a bit. First chapters of new projects are kind of like that for me...I tend to work on something for a few days, see where it goes, and then think about it a bit more before picking it up again. As for the original trilogy, every now and again I've been doing a bit of revision. I'm still contemplating cutting or at least moving a few passages that, in retrospect, feel a bit clunky where they are (specifically Governor Rieflin's first few scenes) and I'm thinking of cutting those and inserting new scenes a little later on, once the scenes with Poe and Caren calm down some.

So yeah...not as if I've been completely goofing off on the internets and/or playing with my music collection. I'll admit there's been that, but it's not completely eating up my time!

More as this evolves...


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