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Not too much to report here, as I've chosen to utilize this past weekend as a way to coast and relax a bit. Day Jobbery wasn't exactly stressful or overburdening, it was just constant all four days, so the shortened week felt so much longer.

Both Saturday and today was sleeping in a bit--it was waking up at the normal 6am time out of habit, and rolling over and going back to sleep for a few more hours. Felt so much better waking up around 8:30ish these last few days! If only I could do that on a normal basis, heh.

Much mall and grocery shopping yesterday, heading down to the mall in San Bruno. Broke down and bought a few pairs of shoes -- sneakers for everyday wear, and a funky pair of Docs that I'm sure will get some heavy wear in a few weeks during Outside Lands. I also may have bought all the Independence Day tie-in novels, just for the hell of it, because I find that universe a lot of fun. [I saw the sequel last weekend, and I don't care what the critics say, I really enjoyed it!]

Other Boring Personal News: the car has finally been washed! Took it to one of the gas stations up the street and had them give it a good once-over. It was all dusty and dirty from the months-long reno being done at our apartment, with only a cursory hose-down being done every now and again when the guys finished for the day. It looks SO much better now.

Writing Projects have been consistent. I'm about back to where I stopped the last time in editing Book 3, so everything will be new editing from here on in. Printing it out and editing longhand is working quite nicely on multiple levels, so I'm happy about that. Putting a sticky-note in the back of my memory to remind myself to do that on future projects as well. :)

Oh--speaking of which, Smashwords is having a month-long promotion and I chose to make Book 2 available for free alongside Book 1. The first week worked out pretty well...I think I got two or three sales a day! I just need to get the word out there again to remind everyone who hasn't grabbed it already!

But yeah...that's pretty much all I have. I've been keeping it simple lately, focusing mostly on the Book 3 Edit and Book 1 & 2 Sale. Hopefully sometime in the next day or so I'll get some formatting done for the physical copy of Book 2 and upload it. I'd like to get a galley copy for our trip, if I can get it prepped before then.

I figure next weekend if we don't have anything planned, I'll make a trip down to the Fort Mason/Marina side of town so I can donate books to the SF Library store and clothes and whatnot to Goodwill. [There's a Goodwill in our neighborhood on Clement, but it's nigh on impossible to park to drop things off. The one in the Marina is on a side street where double-parking is a little easier to pull off.] The Goodwill there also takes old electronics, so I may drop off our pile of old computers as well.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
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Week 1 of A's visit to Manila seems to be going off quite well...she's been tweeting and instagramming all kinds of really tasty foods and other exciting things, and her coworkers are providing her with snacks and fun things to do. As for me, I've been behaving. (It could be that at 45, the thrill of staying up late for no real reason other than just to do it has kind of lost its appeal. On the other hand, I've been spending all my evenings here in Spare Oom doing some serious editing and hacking away at TPoM. So it's not as if I'm staying up late watching sportsball and drinking PBR. That would be our neighbors!) long term plan for these two weeks was to get some serious cleaning done, most of which I've done during the week already. I've just come back from a drive to Fort Mason in the Marina District to drop off books at the library store and and clothes at the Goodwill and it's only 12:30. I don't know what to do with myself now! I was contemplating heading over to Amoeba to peruse the dollar bins again...and I do need to stop at the bank for more laundry quarters as well. Maybe that's what I'll do this afternoon!

EDIT: Quarters and lunch procured! Felt it made more sense to do another sift through the cd and dvd collection for items to sell, so will do that this afternoon, so I'll head over to the Haight tomorrow. :)
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I've been so busy the last few days that I've lost track of time. Day Jobbery keeps me on my toes, especially when an apocalyptic snowstorm hits the east coast and shuts down not only the print facility but the both USPS and FedEx delivery hubs, and clients still want to know why their checks are late. *headdesk* Plus I seem to have given myself a much tighter editing schedule than I expected in regards to The Persistence of Memories, which at this point may be pushed to end of February. As much as I hate to admit defeat, it's still much too long (it's about 10k longer than A Division of Souls...which, by the way, has been getting rousing applause by readers but has the same problem: it's also far too long). Since the ending is in sight for this one, I'll finish this run off and start over ONE MORE TIME to see where I can cut.

Which brings me to a related thought...I will, at some point, need to head back to ADoS and do the same. As much as I love the deliberate pacing for this trilogy, it's not for everyone. I will admit that there are definitely some scenes that can be cut, shortened, or sped up. I'm not entirely sure when I'll be hitting that one next, as I'd like to work on The Balance of Light after I'm done with TPoM. We shall see.

And what of Walk in Silence...? *sigh* As much as I'd love to get that out by April, my schedule isn't playing fair, so that one may not be released until autumn. I don't want to put out a half-assed book I'm not proud of, and I do my shittiest work when I kludge it together and call it done. I will of course keep everyone updated on this.

So...what else is going on? Well, I'm currently living the bachelor life for a few weeks, as A is currently in Manila on a work-related trip. I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the time difference (9am today here in SF is 1am tomorrow there), but we make do. She's been tweeting all kinds of really tasty food she's been buying and eating, which is making me jealous. And believe it or not, the apartment has not degraded into a messy mancave. In fact, I spent most of the first day doing some serious cleaning, and plan on continuing with that next weekend. And yes, I have been eating well! Or reasonably well. I've only ordered out once so far, and that was due to having forgotten to get something out of the freezer to thaw. The only thing I've been bad at is going to bed at a normal time, but that's due to my wanting to get some serious writing work done. I guess I'm at that age where becoming a slovenly slacker just doesn't have the appeal anymore.

Speaking of of last Friday, I am now the same speed as a seven-inch single. And I am fine with that. No, really, I am! :p
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...or in this case, the pantry. At least a dozen or so out-of-date foodstuffs tossed (most of them over a year or so old, including a forgotten tiny bottle of some kind of spread with a sell-by date before we even moved to our present location!!), things re-arranged, other things to be put away elsewhere. Realized we have an insane amount of jams and preserves, and an even more insane amount of tea. Our snack situation is positive, considering we made a run to World Market today and found various tasty things like Coffee Crisps, Tim-Tams and chocolate bars, and followed it up with an assortment box of Jo-Jo's from Trader Joe's. Oh! And not one but two assortment boxes of Samuel Smith beers (the three-bottle gift box that comes with a pint glass, so now we have a matching set of four glasses). And earlier this week I boxed up the books that I should bring down to the SF Library store at Fort Mason. I should probably go through my clothes this weekend as well, and bring it to the local Goodwill. Maybe next weekend. The apartment laundry facilities are still on the fritz, so I've been heading over to the laundromat up the street on Sundays. [Why yes, as a matter of fact I have been writing longhand while waiting for the cycles to end, why do you ask?]

So yes, things are looking spiffy round these parts!

In other news, the daily 750 Words exercise is once again going to be put aside for the time being, for the simple reason that Emm has now finished reading A Division of Souls and offered suggestions and comments, so now I can go through my galley copy and make the final fix. Once they are complete, then I can put the physical book up for sale on Amazon, get a few comp copies for various people, and update the e-book version as well.

As for The Persistence of Memories, I'm about a third of the way through the edit, so I'm hoping that I'll be finished by the end of the year. It looks like I should be on schedule to release it mid to late January, maybe even on my birthday. We shall see. I will most likely be doing the same thing with the physical copy--formatting it, getting a few galley copies made, editing it, and releasing that a slight bit later. I'll have a more solid date to announce as soon as it gets closer.

[On a side note...all this preparing for an official drop date has given me a bit of background on how it works when releasing a book or a record. This will definitely come in handy with a music-related fiction project I will be working on in the future.]

So all in all, things have been busy but creatively and positively so. Can't complain about that. :)
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Random bits:

--Apropos of nothing, I just realized that when I post on LJ, I usually prefer to use the HTML screen instead of the Visual Editor screen; when I post at my WordPress blogs, it's usually the other way around.

--Updated my PC to Windows present it's doing all the background tweaks and updates and should be good to go within the next few minutes. Now that I've got A Division of Souls ready for release, I had time to take care of it. The only thing I really needed to make sure of is to save my IE Favorites (yes, I know, I know...) since they didn't get saved for the new browser. I instead saved the folder to my Dropbox so I can access it from pretty much everything I use to go online now. Everything seems to be good so far.

--Man, our front windows were dirty! I just finished giving them a good cleaning, and they look SO much better. These are the only windows that get this dirty, really...they face the street but are recessed a bit due to it being the fire escape, so they don't get hit by the rain or condensation like the kitchen windows do. Yeah, I know, boring info. Sorry about that.

--The Insane Final Edit of The Persistence of Memories continues apace. This is the book where I got consistent with the daily numbers, which on the one hand forced me to be economical with the action, but on the other hand made me a bit repetitive in my prose, so I think I may have a better time excising than I thought. Still, there's about 30k words more in this one than in ADoS, so it'll take time. I'd kind of expected this, actually, so I'm fine with TPoM not coming out until the end of the year at the earliest.

--Tomorrow's plan is to head over to the Mission for book and yarn shopping (and perhaps some BiRite ice cream). We don't head over to that part of town all that often, partly because it's way on the other side of town with no quick way to get there (and yes, our hipster tolerance is kind of slim), but it is fun to stop at some of the neat stores down there.

And of course most importantly, my first book drops in 5 days!! Woo!!! :D
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Hey there! Long time no post. I've been busy--in a good way this time!--doing a lot of WordPress posts and getting some decent word count done on Walk in Silence, especially over the last few days. Lots of outside stuff too! The SF Symphony had a flash sale last week and I got a sweet deal on three shows, so our weekends are full for the next few weeks. I headed over to Amoeba on Wednesday to see The Church play an in-store show (about forty-five minutes, which is actually quite long for an in-store!), and tomorrow we'll be heading around the corner to see Naruto: The Last at the 4 Star. And once we're both awake, showered and had our coffee, we'll be heading over to 9th and Irving for some brunch and other errands. Oh, the excitement!

Tomorrow is the first of March, so that means at some point then I will post February's writing stats. I think this month was a bit on the tetchy side, but I'm okay with that because I've already figured out the reasons why (day job, personal attitude, and the usual distractions). The important thing is that tomorrow is a new month where I can adjust and do better.

Hope everyone has a swell weekend!
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October was kind of wonky for me, writingwise. Ups and downs, sidetracking and procrastination, updates and changes, vacations and superbusy workdays. Again--I've learned not to let that bother me at this point, because there is no point of me doing so. I may have had a brief anxiety attack while attempting to fall asleep last night, in which my brain decided to play out the "I'm merely adequate and will never be a good author" and "I'll publish my work and not one person will ever read it" and all that typical bullshit writers go through. [For the record, I used my personal mental trick of angrily saying "No, Just STOP. Just fucking stop it." in an angry 'I'm-in-charge' voice to my anxiety brain. That seems to work quite nicely, actually.] As is usual, I'm calm and much more in reality upon waking the next morning.

It's probably obvious by now that I'm not even going to attempt NaNoWriMo at this point. I just don't have the time or the inclination right now. Too many things on the laundry list.

The whiteboard schedule looms, but I'm not scared of it.

Some writerly updates:

WordPress blogs. As I'd mentioned at Walk in Silence, I've decided to change these up a little bit. First, I changed up the layouts a bit to make them easier and more enjoyable to read. Second, I started thinking about the content. My blogs tend to be quite beefy in wordcount, and sometimes that makes sense (especially if I'm waxing poetic about writing processes or analyzing a favorite album), but I'd like to try out some shorter entries as well, which will work twofold: I can whip those out in less than an hour which means I can sneak those in at any time, and in the process, I may be able to do more updates throughout the week.

Current, Ongoing and Upcoming Writing Projects. I won't go into too much detail, as I keep forgetting that Posting About Best Laid Plans usually ends in Best Laid Plans Going Wonky. I need to do a bit of high-end scheduling and writing work on multiple things at once, and I'll leave it at that. Point being, you may or may not see me online as often, depending on what I'm up to and how far I get.

...aaaand, that's about it for now.

Other than that, it's a relaxing and mundane Sunday, in which I do all the errands such as food shopping, doing the laundry, and getting the car washed. Because I'm boring that way!
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Sunday is here once again. These weekends go by way too quick! Ah least I'll be on another vacaction in another few weeks, in which we're going to Portland OR for a few days. [I promise I won't come back home wearing a trilby, a beard, tight chinos and singing Lumineers songs.] That'll be our last vacation week for the year (well, for me, anyway), so I'll consider that my own official start of Q4...slogging through the remainder of the year with nary a day off and too many ridiculous requests coming my way at work.

Yesterday was quite productive, actually. A road trip to Half Moon Bay for picture-taking (part of a writing project I've taken part in), we also got some shopping done at HMB's farmer's market as well as a few other stores. I zipped out again for more shopping at TJ's, with a side trip to the bank for funds and quarters, and finally forced myself to stop at Jiffy Lube on the way home to buy new wiper blades for the car. Heh--man, when the guy at the garage took the old ones off, the look on his face was priceless, they were so bad!!

Also, yesterday was the day Jonc gets CDs in the mail! I'd found a sweet deal on the new George Harrison box set (The Apple Years 1968-75) on Amazon and ordered it for the collection. [Will I need to get 2004's Dark Horse Years box set now...? Maybe...] It's a nice package and the cd packages look pretty sharp, with some interesting recent commentary on it. Best one is George's son Dhani talking about the cover of Electronic Sound, with George explaining exactly who the people in the painting are!

Today? Not too much planned. Going to try to sneak in some artwork and other things that I didn't get to last weekend. I've also been doing pretty good with the 750 Words lately, so I'll be able to sneak that in as well, in amongst the football games and other things going on.

Writingwise, Two Thousand is coming along quite nicely. I like the characters I've created, and I'm having a hell of a lot of fun with the dialogue. After the (admittedly startling) realization that Chapter 1 could sit alone as a short story (more on that in a sec), I came to the conclusion that this book would grow in the same way, each chapter a standalone that ultimately ties in with all the others going on. The Dickens way of writing a novel, I suppose! I know it's been done before, but this is a new way of writing for me, and I'm looking forward to trying it out. Related, I did my first read-through of what I have so far, and while I have the bones of an interesting story, it definitely needs some revision and expansion. Not too much, but enough to tighten it up.

I'm also revisiting my old writing habit of minor future outlining, which I used for the trilogy--coming up with ideas just a few scenes or chapters ahead, and using that as a guidepost for what I need to write. That was always the best process for me, so coming back to it felt good and right.

OK, time to get ready for the day and get things done. Even if it is only 9:30!
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Ah, sciatica. Thy name is PAIN IN THE ASS. (Almost literally.) I never know what's going to set it off. I could pick up heavy stuff, brazenly reach for things beyond my grasp, slouch like a slug at my desk for hours at a time, and nothing will hurt it. And then I attempt to crawl out of the back seat of my in-laws' rental car (it's not that there was no leg room--more like the door was relatively small and getting out was akin to climbing out of an Apollo Command Module), and I start feeling that telltale tweak in my lower back. And then the heavy stuff I pick up without thinking, the coffee I left dead center on the kitchen table, the tiring eight-hour slog of a busy workweek, not to mention my comedic and violent attempts at turning over in bed, that starts aggravating it.

Surprisingly, it stopped hurting during the two-hour performance at the Symphony last night. It could be the plush seats and the angle they were at, plus the fact that I wasn't slouching or settling in some weird position. Of course being the guy that I am, I had to prove something (I'm not sure what) by putting the heavy box of my new chair in the trunk of the car, putting the chair together myself, bringing the empty box down and breaking it up for the recycling bin, and doing three loads of laundry today. Somebody tell me that was a good idea? Y/N?

Aside from that...the rest of the week has been kind of quiet. We had a bit of a OMGWTFBBQ NEEDTHISDONENOW issue with a client, which we were able to do in record time--which meant me dropping everything else I was doing and screwing up the turnaround time on those other issues in the process. I made sure I made a bit of noise while doing it--basically saying "sure, we'll do it, but next time out, give us more than just 48 hours to do this huge thing, because you just screwed up the SLAs for everything else." Suffice it to say, my bosses were on my side on that, so that's good.

Writingwise...plugging along with the revision. Currently on Chapter 22 and hoping to get this thing finished soon enough. I know I'll need to go over The Process of Belief at least a few more times before an agent gets to see it, but at this point I think it's in a MUCH better place than it was just a few years ago when I finally finished it. The most it needs is some cleaning of prose and perhaps a few more minor scene rewrites. As said before, as soon as I'm done with this revision go-round, I'll be starting in hot and heavy with Walk in Silence, so expect to see a major uptick in music blog entries and retrospectives!
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Not too bad of a start for 2014 so far.

--750 Words: Decided on the second day that I'm going to use my "morning words" as a playground for trying stuff out. Have a few days' worth of supershort dialogue-only stories and a day of me talking to my Spare Oom mascot (a blackbird finger puppet named Lon Dubh) as we debated what I should be writing about.

--Bridgetown Trilogy: Finished Chapter 41, started up on Chapter 42.

--Personal: Did a major e-recycling run to get rid of our old TV, my older external drives, and a boatload of wires and other bits and bobs. In the process moved a few things around in Spare Oom to open up more space. We're going through our books again to thin out the herd, so I was able to find more room for more of my music books. Lastly, picked up a new guitar riff that sounds a bit like Coldplay's "God Put a Smile Upon Your Face" (one of my favorite tracks of theirs). Thinking I should probably plug in the PC mike and start recording some of these riffs as they come up. Will add them to my Drunken Owl folder of demos, see where they go. Alas, have not gone to the gym yet this year. Need to fix that.

On Tap:

--Hoping to work on the next Blogging the Beatles post some time today. This one should be relatively quick, as I'm only hitting two songs.

--Today's 750. Not sure where I'll go with it, we'll see.

--Boring errands: laundry, a bit of produce shopping around the corner. Also: FOOTBALL! Go Niners!
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Sunday afternoon, a bit quieter and slower in speed today. Caught up with pretty much all our errands and whatnot, and trying not to turn this afternoon into a frenzied MUST DO EVERYTHING NOW. So rarely do I get to relax and let the afternoon drift by.

So a extending a bit from yesterday, more on the JoncWorld front:

--Still working on preparing the Angry Robot submission. I'm in a quandary in that they ask for the first five chapters. I have no problem with that--in fact, it works out nicely, because the first mini-arc of Book I is exactly five chapters long. The problem is that these chapters are a bit long. In their FAQ they suggest that if the chapters are long, "to send in the first 10,000 words or so." Which would end it somewhere a bit around Chapter 3. I'd do that, but it would kind of be like introducing this great passage and stopping it just after it crests--it's a weird place to stop, thematically. So my question is...should I send in the first five chapters anyway (it comes to just over 20,000 words), or stick with the 10,000 words? Hmm.

--As mentioned yesterday, we got rid of Dish Network, for a few reasons. The major one was that we somehow lost connection in the last week or so of October, and haven't been able to get service since then. Apparently since we live in an apartment using a shared dish, it's considered a "commercial" setup and Dish would need to farm someone out to our place to check it out, on our dime. The original service--some guy on Geary with a very bad sense of customer service--went out of business some time ago and neglected to tell anyone, including Dish, so they got someone (I think from San Jose) to come over, for a ridiculous price. He basically looked at the wires, saw nothing wrong, and suggested we get a new box--again, on our dime. New box comes, and guess what? No service! Eff that, we say, and after three years we got rid of Dish.

Suffice it to say, the service itself was pretty good--their channel selection is quite a step up from Comcast here in town--but the customer service on the other hand was laughable. We also came to the conclusion that with all the stations we received on Dish, we only watched probably about 15-20% of them, including the Sirius music channels. In the end that's a good $75 a month we don't need to spend anymore, and we have other visual entertainment available. We're looking into a separate Sirius Radio setup at this time.

To end this comedy of errors, we drove over to Best Buy yesterday and bought ourselves a TV antenna, hooked it up, and we are now getting free local TV like the good Socialists that we are! :)

--Spare Oom is slowly but surely getting cleaner and more straightened out as we speak. We had a number of things we were getting rid of which I finally dropped off at Goodwill (or sold on eBay), and hopefully within the next few weeks I can hop over to Berkeley and drop off the old spinner we've been trying to sell. I also have two boxes of cds that I need to pare down and/or rebox, and sell the unwanted titles to Amoeba. I'm hoping sometime in the next few months I'll be able to straighten out the storage boxes next to my desk and scan the various papers and whatnot that are on the shelf. Lastly, we will most likely be doing another book purge in the future. Not sure when, but we'll definitely let you know if and when it happens, as those always go down well.

--Oops! I seem to have forgotten to work on the next Blogging the Beatles post. Oh well...I'm sure I'll have time this coming weekend to catch up.

Other than that, it's been a quiet and relaxing weekend (barring one minor embarrassing hiccup, but nothing worth reporting), and I'm quite happy about that. It's Thanksgiving week, which means that work is going to be sucktastic with all the clients trying to get last minute files through before the long weekend (why yes, I will be working on Friday and doing jack, why do you ask?). And HOLY CRAP IT'LL BE DECEMBER HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend! Happy Turkey Day! :)
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Woo! Long weekend for relaxing, doing fun stuff, and getting important stuff done before our trip! I'm keeping a mental list of things I (or we) need to do before then, and I'm sure something will be forgotten, but nonetheless, I'm planning on this weekend being a good one, especially since the weather is definitely in our favor.

Yesterday was a rather NOISY way to start, as we had a)the Blue Angels practicing overhead, and b)our building maintenance guy fixing our shower, as the diverter valve (the middle one that changes the flow from the tap to the shower head) was pretty much kaputt. He pretty much tore the old hardware out and replaced it with new hardware along with a new shower head, so much clanging, crashing, pipecutting and thumping (and whistling and singing in Polish, I should add) took place in the bathroom, all while jets were WHOOOSHing overhead. He was also gracious enough to fix a major leak in the kitchen sink as well, and recaulked around the sink itself as well, which was quite nice of him. A very odd and noisy Friday indeed, but a good one!

Today was spent heading over to the de Young Museum in the park, so we could see a few shows going on: a collection of modernist paintings and a retrospective about Rudolf Nureyev. The second of which, of course, made me think of the Love Tractor song of that bears his name.

After a bite to eat at our favorite restaurant (Q, down the other end of Clement), we headed up to the Laurel Village shops for coffee and a few small things, including an plug adaptor for our trip. We also stopped by the Books Inc there, where I didn't actually buy anything, but made mental notes to check out a few music books that just came out (Ann & Nancy Wilson, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, and a collection of John Lennon's letters). After that we stopped at the OfficeMax for more shopping (Emm got a new toy and I got a messenger bag). And on the way home we stopped at a tiny bakery just off Clement that had some tasty looking cupcakes. I, of course, thought their cake scrap parfait (chocolate cake bits with layers of funfetti frosting in between) was the Most Brilliant Thing Ever and ordered it straight away. As of 6pm, we are both still full and have no plans on having dinner any time soon. :p

So yeah...busy Saturday! Tomorrow we don't have anything exciting planned, so it'll most likely be filled with more errands like food shopping and whatnot. I will also be continuing my crash course in Rosetta Stone French, a bit of writing, and laundry. I'm sure football will also make an appearance.

And yay, I get Monday off! That day will be spent dropping off the car at the Honda place downtown, taking the bus up to the Haight, and hanging out up that way for a bit. Amoeba doesn't open up until 10:30, so that leaves me about 2.5 hours to kill, but I'm sure I can find a coffeeshop I can hide in. And once I'm done there I can just take the N train back downtown and pick up the car from there. That reminds me--I should probably stuff the book and clothing donations in the car too, so I can drop those off on the way back. Get everything done! :)

So yeah...two more weeks before we head off to Paris. It's still weirding me out that we're going there on vacation for a full week (just slightly over, actually), but I'm really looking forward to it. My mind is racing with all the things that need doing before we head out, all the preparation and whatnot, and the anxiety that I won't do my name justice and speak French badly enough to get laughed out of town, but aside from that...I'm looking forward to it all. We're staying at this tiny little hotel on this tiny side street about a block and a half from the Louvre and the Bibliotheque, so we will of course be stopping at all the museums and the stores and the cafes, check out Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower, and all the fun stuff. I've already decided that at some point we will hang out at a cafe on the Left Bank and I will do an appropriate Murph drawing and write a poem. Just to say I did. ;)

Woo, two more weeks! :)
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First, to get this out of the way:

WOOOOO!!! GO PATS!!! :D :D :D :D :D

*ahem* Carry on...

Been a surprisingly productive weekend here at Casa TC. Yesterday was mostly Errand Day, as our cupboards were emptying out. So, shopping at Westlake Mall! I had a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $25 or more of food at World Market, so we went a bit wild with snacks (various chocolates, Zapp's potato chips with an interestingly vague flavor name of "Voodoo", some maple pecan popcorn, among other things) some pumpkin ale, and some wine. Also, a good portion of regular food was purchased downstairs at Trader Joe's.

We also decided to head over to the DSW shoestore for new footwear specifically for our Paris trip in a few weeks [HOKEY SMOKES, is it coming up that quickly?!??]. As I have been informed that I will apparently be laughed off the continent for wearing New Balance sneakers, I spent the extra money and got some nice and comfy solid black Nikes. Emm got a nice pair of walking shoes as well, along with a pair of pumps which surprised both of us (she normally doesn't wear them).

Spare Oom got another good going-over yesterday as well...I managed to combine all my work-related stuff into one box and shoved that into the closet, magazine piles were thinned out, and things were moved so I can actually use the loveseat behind me again! Now I just need to make a trip to the Fort Mason book drop and the Goodwill up the way, and the floor will be even more open.

Today was Clean All The Things! Day, so I did quite a bit of vacuuming and dusting, arranging, throwing away, and wiping up of said Things. I really should have taken a Claritin, as I am still slightly congested from the Great Dusting of Jon's Corner of the Bedroom. Clearly I should have done this quite some time ago, and it would not surprise me in the least if I find myself NOT snoring from congestion tonight. And lastly, I just kicked off an email to our building maintenance guys (cc'ing our building manager, of course) detailing some plumbing issues. Nothing horrible, but just enough to warrant fixing.

So! It's just past two pm here, I'm kicking back and listening to WAMH online, and wondering what I'm going to do with the rest of the day. Emm is currently in the kitchen making a giant batch of applesauce, but once that's done we'll most likely take a walk up to Land's End and then over to the Quickly on Geary for some bubble tea. So what's next?

I'll be working some more on Chapter 6 of A Division of Souls, and I know that it's going to be a big pain in the ass like Chapter 5 was...but I'll going into that in another post momentarily. In fact, a lot of writing-related thoughts I'd like to touch on in the next post. Stay tuned!

Also...I need to install the Rosetta Stone Francais software and get crackin' on it, as we have just a few weeks for me to brush up on a foreign language I haven't actively studied since 1993. Geez, and I call myself French-Canadian...! The packaging is a bit vague as to how many people can use it, and how many computers it can be set up for, so I'm thinking maybe setting it up on the Spare Oom PC here, and then onto the Lenovo, that way we can get it up and running and the both of us can use it. As I've said, I can passably say the little things one needs--y'know, the please, thank you, I'm afraid I've eaten too much cheese, things like that--and I can understand it a lot more than I can speak it...but I should at least try to recapture more of it.

Okay! Time to head outside and enjoy a bit more of this shockingly warm day (I say shocking, considering it's been in the 50s and foggy for the last few weeks) and partake in some tasty bubble tea.

MOre soon!
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Man, I don't know what happened, but today I am just full of determination to get way too many things done. Perhaps it's the self-nudge I gave myself when I bought that new bookcase and ended up shifting Spare Oom around a bit. Ever since then I've been itching to get all sorts of things done. I'll be honest, the last few days have been deliberately lazy and decidedly unproductive, at least where writing is concerned, as I needed to unwind from the hell that was last week.

So today I've finished the laundry, vacuumed the apartment, washed the kitchen floor, went outside for an abbreviated walk around the neighborhood to buy stuff at the corner store (and get coffee, of course), checked to see if my scanner still works with the new PC (I haven't used said scanner for at least a few years, and the answer is "yes", though the photo-tweaking software it came with is out of date and doesn't jive with Windows 7)(no worries there, I have PhotoShop, so it worked out!), and it's just hitting 3pm now. I'm wondering what else I need to do today before it gets too late.

Also yesterday, I emptied out that second wooden crate (the one that was underneath the Spare Oom window) and everything is now in the large blue storage bin, which is now sitting next to my bookcase. Everything is now in one area, ready to be sorted, instead of all over the place. The next-to-bottom shelf of the bookcase is now full of manila folders containing random semi-sorted writings, artwork, and other Joncswerk that I'll need to go through. That stuff will stay on the shelf, just in better order once I'm done with it. I haven't decided what to do with that now-empty wooden crate--I may either use that for additional closet storage, or I may keep it in Spare Oom for non-writing files.

But yeah...if this bit of determined creativity is going to stick around awhile, I'm not going to complein. :)
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Ah, the long weekend finally approaches. It's been a hell of a week and I've been waiting for the holiday weekend to arrive.

So! What's on tap for the weekend, then?

--Today we're driving down to the Pescadero/Half Moon Bay area, which we haven't gone to in some time. We'll be lunching at Duarte's Tavern (we haven't gone there in ages), and yes I WILL HAVE MY OLALLIEBERRY PIE. We'll head back by stopping at the roadside farmstand (if it's open) and the awesome Ink Spell Books in HMB. I don't believe we had any other plans for shopping, but we'll see.

--The usual errands of cleaning and perhaps a bit of food shopping...nothing too exciting there. Although I really should make a conscious effort to continue straightening up Spare Oom. There are some books we can donate to the library and clothes (and things) we can donate to Goodwill, pictures we should hang, and bins to sort through.

--Downloading. I promised [ profile] emmalyon I'd download some new albums she's been looking for, so I'll either use eMusic or Amazon for that.

--Writing, of course. Nothing new to report at the moment, but I may have an update at the other writing LJ soon.

Other than that, I plan on sleeping late, doing some walking around the neighborhood, and attempting to relax. Hope everyone has a good weekend! :)
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Morning, all...I'm operating on about 4.5 hours of sleep due to our misguided idea that an arrival at SFO at 11pm last night would be a good thing (well, there was little traffic, so it wasn't all bad), so it may take me a few more hours to achieve full coherence. We apologize for any GrammarFail ahead of time.

That said...many things on the table for today as well as in the next few weeks, writing and otherwise.

--Today being August 1st and the 30th Birthday of MTV, I will of course need to write an RTS post about it. I'll try to avoid the trap of complaining that the "M" pretty much stands for Mediocre nowadays, instead focusing on some fun memories and thoughts about the channel that's shaped our listening habits over the years.

--Also starting today will be some serious outline work for The Children of Dun Corran, revision work for A Division of Souls, and preplanning for Eden Cycle Book 4 (I wrote about four pages of notes on the plane last night while flying over the midwest). Also starting today is Daily Poetry. More on that in a later post, but this is another exercise I want to try...

--Time to clean and arrange my stuff in Spare Oom. I want to go through that Blue Bin O' Crap next to the love seat and empty that out, and perhaps use that for real storage in the closet. Plus, I need to refile quite a bit of writing and get it all organized. This of course should be a weekend project, so I'll start doing that soon.

--I also need to go through our cds and weed out again...I think I've amassed enough from the last year or two to be able to sell them at Amoeba for a decent amount of credit. Again, another weekend project.

I'm sure I'll come up with more ideas and projects that will keep me from getting anything done, but we'll see. Have a spiffy day, everyone!
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...I got a hell of a lot done.

--1600+ words for Walk in Silence
--poem on my Dreamwidth account
--dropped off e-recycling (old computer and other electronics at recycling center)
--picked up new receiver for TV
--walked a few miles
--laundry and trash

Not that I'm complaining... ;)
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Man, I have been lazy with the posting lately!! I haven't even posted any poetry at Dreamwidth (or written any lately, for that matter)...well, I have my reasons...been busy doing all sorts of things around the house, as well as focusing mostly on the A Division of Souls revision. To wit:

--Spent a good day yesterday starting to box up books for those who requested titles from the Great Book Purge. I seem to have run out of smallish boxes, so I may need to improvise. We'll see what happens. On the plus side, Spare Oom is looking a little cleaner, though the loveseat is still piled up with boxes and packing material.

--Spent even more time shredding paperwork I should have gotten rid of a few years ago...mostly bills and whatnot that are over two years old. Once that's done I can go through the plastic bin that's full of random stuff and file/shred/save/etc.

--Ran a few computer cleaners on my Spare Oom PC...been a little while since I've done so. I usually don't like running other things while I'm doing that (it kind of defeats the purpose), so I let that run in the bg while shredding. Emm had the radio going in the other room so I got to listen to that music while getting things done.

--Laundry done! I keep meaning to divide this up over the course of two days--once midweek and once on the weekend--so I don't have an overabundance, but I keep forgetting to get quarters. Still...glad it's done.

--Shopping done! We did quite a bit yesterday...went to the seaside Safeway to get the bulk of it (and on the way, saw the new Fresh & Easy that's slowly being prepared for opening up on 32nd Ave and Clement (long story short, it used to be an Albertson's before they up and left like the Baltimore Colts a few years back)). After that, we took a walk up Clement for errands, stopped in a few stores on the way back, and got all our veggies at the Grande around the corner.

I didn't get any vacuuming done, but I'm sure I can get that done soon. Though it takes twice as long now as it did in our old place, considering that it took me about ten minutes to vacuum the entirety of our old place, I think I can spare a half hour at some point during this coming week. ;)

And so today, we'll be spending the rainy afternoon inside, watching Anne Sofie von Otter at the SF Symphony, which also means lunch at Max's and the temptation to buy even more books at Books Inc. around the corner. It's an afternoon show, so I'll have plenty of time upon return to get some more writing done tonight. I also want to write a writing-LJ post too, so I think I may be able to squeeze that in somewhere. This definitely feels like a Sunday I'm used to: wet weather, an afternoon out, some last minute work, and the nagging feeling like I'm forgetting something. ;)
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So not only did I forget about posting every Wednesday at my writing block, I completely forgot to write a poem at my Dreamwidth blog! Further proof that I desperately need to make deadlines for myself, or I'm never going to get anything done.

Okay, to be fair, I didn't post anything Sunday because I had a busy weekend--between going to the Symphony on Saturday night, going to the opera Sunday afternoon, and watching football and doing other things once I got home, I simply forgot about it. Not bad, considering I've written fourteen poems there every Sunday and only barely missed it once.

Tomorrow, if we're both up to it, we may head down to Target and buy random things (we need more Christmas wrapping, as the rolls I snagged at World Market last weekend are almost out already), and one of the things I had thought of was a marker board and a corkboard. The corkboard I'd put near the door, next to the calendar, as that'll be where the bills, coming attractions and whatnot can be placed (instead of on my desk). The marker board? Well, I'm thinking of looking for one similar to the one I had down in the Belfry for a few that has a blank calendar template. As stated above, I'm thinking my 2011 goals are doable but I need to give them a deadline, or else they'll never get done. That worked pretty well with the trilogy for the most part, so I'd like to give that a try and see where it goes.

Speaking of which, I've been disgustingly lazy and not done any writing work since Saturday. THAT WILL BE RECTIFIED TOMORROW!
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No Pats game here on the west coast. BOO! X( On the other hand, we do get the Raiders/Steelers game, as well as the Bucs/Niners game, so at least we do have some local games. Although I've a feeling the Niners are going to tank as usual...this is definitely not their season...

Today continues the weird weather: the rain sun rain sun MAKEUPYERFRIGGINMIND who-knows-at-this-point is most likely going to play havoc with any ideas of going outside, although a quick run for coffee may be in order, as usual. It's freakin' COLD out this morning, in terms of San Francisco weather at least (yeah, I know 49 degrees is balmy back east, shut up). The psychotic weather should end somewhere around Tuesday, just in time for a few sunny days near the end of the week. Just in time for Turkey Day! :)

Not too much else to report here...I need to start the laundry, straighten up Spare Oom a bit, maybe even do a bit more cleaning. You know, the usual boring housecleaning. I believe we have nearly everything we need for our Thanksgiving food preparation ([ profile] emmalyon is gonna make butter tarts!!), so I don't think we need to do much food shopping, especially since we bought quite a bit from the Grande around the corner yesterday.

And later, while listening to the Potted Plant Countdown (thank you, streaming WAMH), I'll be doing more work on Love Like Blood. As mentioned briefly on my Facebook page, chapter 9 needs a bit more work, so after I finish this go-round, I may backtrack and go over it again. It still feels a bit rough. Plus my usual Sunday afternoon poetry over at Dreamwidth.

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday!


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