Mar. 18th, 2017

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I've been a lazy sod all week, and I don't feel guilty about that one bit. Yay, vacation! :)

Well, that's not entirely true. I kept up on the blogs, and I've finally gotten caught up in cleaning up my personal emails. [Work emails is another thing entirely. I'll be checking that tomorrow.] But no, I didn't do any writing work. No editing, no formatting work for The Balance of Light, no work on the Lidwells project. No personal journal entries.

All I've been doing is enjoying our vacation the way I should: by not having anything prodding me on the shoulder screaming for attention. Road trips, shopping, just enjoying the day.

That'll probably change tomorrow as both A. and I dig our way through work email detritus and prepare for heading back to our Day Jobs. I'm sure I'll have a backlog of stuff to do (including five or six compliance courses due at the end of the month), which is irritating but part of the script. I'm just hoping that the items I wasn't able to get to were reassigned and weren't just sitting there all week.

That said...I'm looking forward to getting back into the creative groove. I want to get back into the Daily 750 (again), do some serious plot building for the Lidwells Project (time to break out the index cards!), and start planning out what I need to do for BayCon on Memorial Day Weekend!

In other news...our internets are now running at breakneck speed, thanks to switching over to Sonic. The IT guy came in and installed the wiring, the router, and had everything up and running in a matter of a few hours. [He was also a big geek and we had a fun conversation about anime and Doctor Who while he was working! :p ] But yeah...our speed went from a snail's pace to OH HEY I HAD NO IDEA THIS SPEED EXISTED. Like that day, way back in the stone age, when my family went from dial-up to DSL. Heh.

That said...yes, it's been a wonderfully relaxing staycation this week, and I can't complain. We had fun, went on roadtrips, did some fun shopping, and got caught up on sleep. Woot!


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