Sep. 10th, 2017

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Early yesterday morning I drove A to the airport -- she's in New Jersey for the week on business -- and after that, I drove to the Trader Joe's in Westlake to do some grocery shopping (note to self: 9am on a Saturday is prime time for shopping there, as the parking lot is half empty and the only people at the store were young parents with their toddlers).  All in all I was home by 9:30am and had the rest of the day to myself.

So what did I do?  Spent the rest of the morning doing laundry (per A's suggestion), did some local errands after that, and...screwed around for the rest of the day.  Arranging a few things in Spare Oom.  Doing some PC things.  And getting f*ck-all done creatively.  Chalking that one up to a mental day off.

So today's Sunday, I don't have anything on the docket that needs doing other than a spot of house cleaning (although watching a football game or two is tempting).  It's a kinda-sorta nice day outside, but I really don't have anywhere I need or want to be, unless I want to spend a few hours dithering around Green Apple Books.  [Yes, I'm even bypassing the temptation to go to Amoeba and spend time in the dollar bins again.]  I might go for a walk later, but other than that, I don't have anything planned.

Which means I REALLY should use this time to get as much done creatively as I can.  I've got the Meet the Lidwells note cards staring me in the face, asking why I didn't get any work done last night.  I've got a few other projects that need updating.  Hell, I still need to restring a few of my guitars!

So basically what I guess I'm trying to say is that I need to get my ass in gear.  Yes?


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