Apr. 15th, 2017

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Saturday morning and I've already finished my coffee, the local news is doing its nth cycle, and I've already gotten caught up with my Twitter feed.  The problem with going to sleep at a normal time on the weekends is that I still wake up around 6:30.  A. usually doesn't get out of bed until a few hours later, which means I'm usually kicking around here in the living room, half-watching TV and half-noodling around online.

Of course, the writer in me screams: You should be using this time to work on the new project!  Or new words!  Or something else!  Time's a-wasting! 

On the other hand, Real Life Me bites back:  Just chill and let me enjoy this fesking coffee, damn you.  I've earned this weekend relaxation.


The eye exam yesterday went well.  I'm amused that the usual tests haven't really changed all that much over the years...the progressively smaller lines of the eye charts, the 'which is clearer, A or B?', the 'can you see this? how about now?' and so on.  I'm still not a fan of putting things in my eyes (I don't mind eye drops, but I still get squidgy about it), but it's a necessary evil.  That said...it looks like my vision hasn't changed all that much since my previous exam a good four or so years ago.  My prescription is kind of weird...I'm not quite farsighted, but not quite nearsighted either, plus I have a prism issue which means that sometimes my eyes don't focus on precisely on the same object.  I can see just fine with or without glasses; I merely use them for adjustment when writing/reading/driving.  Anyhoo, other than that, my eyes are just fine.  I ordered a new pair of fancy glasses that were mostly covered by our vision insurance.

The fun part, of course, was walking back home in bright sunlight while my eyes were still dilated. :p

So...anything planned for this weekend?  Not really...heading over to the Sunset for brunch and a bit of shopping.  It might be raining tomorrow, so we'll most likely stay in and do our usual house errands then.  Yay relaxing weekend! :)


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