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It's a four-day weekend for me, and almost immediately I forgot what day it was.  Normally this isn't a problem, but we've had some big plans this weekend so I had to remind myself what was going on that particular day.  Such as today, when we are not heading down to San Mateo for BayCon but instead will be heading to the symphony.  [The tickets for the SFS were bought well before the BayCon ones, and I don't have any panels at the con today, so it's all good.  Especially since we'll be going to see a chamber quartet perform one of my favorite pieces, Samuel Barber's String Quartet Op. 11 (you should of course be familiar with the second segment, the adagio).  Really looking forward to that.

I'm taking just a tiny bit of a vacation from writing this weekend as well, choosing to enjoy a bit of a respite before I jump bank in.  In the past I'd be fine with going straight out for months on end, and as much as I'd love to continue doing that, I think my energy and creativity is better spent spreading it out a bit.  Spending a bit of time having fun with playing music, making art, whatever.  I'm no longer working on a long-term project that's eating up all my time, so now is the best time for me to spread out the fun things a little bit, right?

Speaking of the Con, I have to say it's quite a pleasant surprise to have a completely random person walk up to me a few hours after a panel I've been on and have them thank me.  I try not to be one of those panelists that take over the conversation (or diverge from the point of it) (let's be honest, I try not to be that audience member that does the same), so when someone comes up to me to thank me for providing some insights or making it enjoyable for them, it's a great feeling.

So!  Tomorrow we have one more day of the con (I'm on two panels -- one on book covers, another on conlangs) and I'm looking forward to them.  Yay!

And then it's back to the Day Job grind on Tuesday.  Boo!

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Note to self: ordering the chilaquiles dish at Richmond Republic is a great idea...if I want to feel ridiculously full for the rest of the afternoon. What's essentially a small skillet piled with breakfast nachos is indeed hangover food. The brewpub itself was full of Bay to Breakers leftovers, including a group of Gilligan's Island cosplayers (Gilligan, Skipper and Mary Ann) having nothing but mimosas the entire time. The walk home did help wear down some of the spinny from the two ales I had (one oatmeal stout and one coffee vanilla lager, both from local breweries).

Taking a break from cleaning the two apartment bathrooms for the moment to catch my breath (I need to give the shower a good scrub-down next). And once that's done, then I can do what I wanted to do this weekend, and that's catch up with my writing!

I'm doing pretty good with having a backlog for my Walk in Silence posts but I'd like to create a few more so I'm at least a few entries ahead at all times, which would make that at least two weeks ahead. I'd also like to create more backlogged Welcome to Bridgetown posts as well. Using the scheduler on my WordPress blogs has decreased my stress levels considerably, as I don't have to worry about cramming all my writing into one evening and thus getting little editing done.

Speaking of editing...oof. The Balance of Light is coming along, but slowly. I'm nearly done with this chapter, and it's miles better than the original opening, though I've already proven to myself that this book's gonna get at least two, maybe three revisions before I release it by the end of the year. There's a LOT left to go, and I need to ensure that I dedicate the time to it; I can't let it fall by the wayside or get distracted by the blog entries or other things.

In short, I've been doing a lot of thinking about my writing over the last few weeks. Yes, I know...I tend to do that on a daily basis anyway, but this has to deal with multiple things: my output, time dedicated to it, and the level of dedication I give to it. I spent years working on the Trilogy, and donating a crapton of time to it at that. It's hard to describe, but writing the trilogy, while fun, did feel like I was trying to Create A Perfect Work of Art, if you get my meaning. There's a level of ultraseriousness to it that, while it worked for the creation and writing in this universe, I don't believe I need to reach quite so high for my other projects. In fact, I think that's why some of my other projects stalled in the past: I was trying way too hard to recreate that level of perfection. Us writers are our own worst enemies when it comes to that. So once the Trilogy is out and away, you're going to see a change of mindset and habit on my next projects. I'll still be professional, but I doubt I'm going to try to aim for Best Book in the Universe anymore.

I have more thoughts on this, of course, but I'll save it for another day.

Meanwhile, back to cleaning!
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So how has Busy October been so far? Well, I'm a little frustrated with myself right now because Procrastination is once again biting me in the ass, but other than that, not so bad. I've been making nearly all the deadlines I've given myself, even if I'm doing them at the last possible moment in the day. And that's never a good thing for me, because that's my high school-era bad habit that ends up with rushed and half-assed work.

The response to that is to not see it as failure, but Room for Improvement. I have to push the work back to earlier in the day (if it's possible -- Day Job tomfoolery comes first, obviously). Close those social media tabs and open the blogs that need updating.

Am I giving myself too much to do? I don't think so. I have a lot on my plate, yes, but I like having a lot on my plate...if I'm able to successfully juggle it all. This is why I'm okay with busy days at work, if I'm not interrupted by someone asking me to suddenly drop everything and work on something else instead. [That only serves to piss me off, because it completely messes with my internal planning of things. And really, is finding a check for you that much a matter of life or death?] So if everything is running smoothly, I can jump from one to the other relatively easily. I'm writing this while I'm waiting for my work PC to finish running a job. I took care of household chores on the weekend so I won't be interrupted by laundry runs or anything. The Big Project Work is saved for evenings: the Final Line Edit of The Persistence of Memories on the PC, and the galley edit of A Division of Souls for my night reading in bed.

I've also been writing up my daily progress in my desk calendar notebook as well. I'm hitting at least four or five things a day: the daily 750, the Inktober meme, the editing, the personal journal, and occasionally the blog post. I'm happy with that. So the improvement needed is not in the quality or quantity of the's in the time management, as always.
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Like I've said elsewhere, I'm feeling twitchy. And when I feel twitchy, that means I'm wasting time somewhere that could be better utilized. Not to say I'm about to ban fun and goofing off of course. Just that my time management could use some tweaking. Must look into that.

In other news, I now have two avenues of finite self-promotion open to me that I need to follow up on within the next few weeks. One is a website ADoS is available at, and the other is my hometown newspaper. Which means I should probably get my ass in gear and write a decent press release for myself! :p

Long term: Thinking about what I should be working on in 2016. I mean, aside from releasing The Persistence of Memories and The Balance of Light. I've got a few non-Mendaihu Universe projects that I'm thinking of releasing, that I could start working on. Also thinking of what new stories I could begin as well. Am I going to be a Stephen King and release eight books in a year? Heh, probably not, but if I can do more than one, that's cool with me. We'll see.


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