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Another week of wacky weather here in the Bay Area. All told, it's been rainy, sunny, overcast, hailing, sunny, raining, blustery, calm and rainy this morning. And it's only just past noon. [Case in point: a tiny cell of hail passed over our apartment while I was in the shower and I didn't even notice it until A. told me about it later.] After our little jaunt to the other end of Clement Street for the farmer's market and a tasty Hawaiian brunch, we're back at home where we plan to stay, where it's nice and warm.

In other news, next weekend is our visit to the East Bay (Walnut Creek in particular) for FOGcon, where I'll make my stellar debut doing a reading as well as being on a panel about post-self-publishing promotion. An auspicious and probably quiet debut at that, but hey, William Gibson's debut was a reading in an almost empty room as well, so I'm not going to worry. :p

After that, we've got the entire week off for vacation, and this time out we've decided to keep it local. A lot of sleeping in, a local show or two, visiting places we haven't been in quite some time. We're thinking we might head over to the East Bay once or twice, since we so rarely head over that way...we're thinking maybe Berkeley and/or Oakland. [And yes, I know...the media doesn't always paint those areas as fun and peaceful, but come on -- it's a big area and there are indeed some nice places over that way.]

Speaking of writing...still working at getting back into the groove of a normal schedule after ages. I've had a few superbusy Day Job days where I haven't been able to sneak any work in during breaks or on the sly, and my energy levels haven't been all that high. Still, I've been making it a point to clear my plate as much as I can so when I do have the time, I can easily slide into it without distraction. Still a few rough patches, but it's getting better.

As for the Lidwells project...well, that seems to have hit a bit of another snag, but it's nothing I can't fix. It's the way I'm approaching it...right now I'm basically transcribing what I have, and I've realized that's not working out -- the chronology is all out of whack and there are far too many plot holes that need fixing. The initial outline I created is helping a bit, but it's still not enough. I'm going to need to break out the index cards for this one to set it all straight. And then once I have the chronology straightened out, THEN I can revise and rewrite. And that will be the easier part!

And just when you thought I wasn't going to talk about the trilogy anymore...I'm planning on having some fun this month with the 20th anniversary of me starting The Phoenix Effect...the origins of what ended up being the Bridgetown Trilogy. The physical trade of The Balance of Light will come out sometime this month, for starters...I'll also be posting a lot of fun things over at Welcome to Bridgetown...notes, maps, outtakes, remembrances, footnotes, all sorts of stuff to celebrate. More on this soon!

Hope everyone's having a good (and drier) weekend!
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Thought I'd change things up a little bit and work out in the dining area of our apartment this afternoon. The Houston/Oakland wild card game is on, we just had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch, and are now enjoying our Irish coffees. I don't feel like I'm ignoring A. this way (not that she really minds me going to my man cave back office to work on writing's just that Catholic guilt kicking in!). I'm thinking once I'm done with the trilogy project and onto Something New, I'll probably do this more often.

I admit I'm getting some decent work done, considering that I'm not distracting myself (much). If I can get these two chapters done and maybe a third by late this afternoon, then I'll be happy. That way this evening I can work on my Daily Words as well as some more book covers. Like this one!

[Yes, that's my first name in French and a bad bit of wordplay for my last name, considering the real thing originates (we think) in France. The original picture was taken near the Louvre in Paris during a flash rainstorm when we were there last year. I'm finding I really enjoy using the Prisma filter app to play with my pictures, as they often come out really nice and usable for fancy-looking book covers.]

This coming week we hope to actually make it to the gym, as we've been bad over the past few months. My left knee is acting up (probably from lack of use, considering that I sit on my butt for most of the day), maybe working out again will help that. This also means that I'll have to update my mp3 players, as I've completely emptied them to start fresh! I'm thinking I might do something A did for her Manila trip, and fill one up with audiobooks. I'm always hemming and hawing over what to listen to at the gym, and I think that might actually be a good time for it.

Meanwhile, it's been raining off and on the last few days, and overnight tonight we're supposed to get the RAIN OF DOOOOOOOM from about midnight to sunrise, with possible flash floods and washouts. We haven't had a rainstorm like that since we moved out here to the Richmond -- in fact, one of the last days we were at our old place, there was a bad storm that caused some water damage there and flooded the Van Ness subway stop! As our current building just had a major reno and refit, we should be just fine, though. The most we'll get is pounding rain keeping us up all night. Bleh!

So yes...first week of the year is through, and things are working out rather well, so I can't complain. Yay!
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Yes, the winter begins next weekend, and we've finally broken down and turned on the heat. With new heaters, even! After the intake fan motor of our old heating unit crapped out last year, we finally got around to having our maintenance guys to install new units. Yes, that's a plural. The old one had an intake vent up near the ceiling, which heated the air and pushed it down a vent in the wall and split it up between the living room and the bedroom. Which was fine, except that neither of us were in the bedroom for most of the day when we did have it on. [Spare Oom has its own wall radiator unit.] The replacement units are separated so we can use the one in the living room without having to heat the bedroom as well. And not only are they quieter, they're a hell of a lot more cost effective! Yay lower electric bill!

Of course, last Thursday's weather was another good day for turning the heater I'm sure you well know, we had HellaStorm that day, in which a ridiculously large front decided to come in off the northern shores and move down the coast. Normally this would give us some flash flood warnings and so on, but about halfway through the day this front decided that stalling right over San Francisco would be kind of fun. Hoo! That was one hell of a long storm. Started hitting us a bit after midnight, and didn't let up until at least Friday midmorning. I don't remember how many inches we got, but we got a LOT. There were floods and washouts galore all over the place.

All of which, I should add, made driving to SFO to pick up [ profile] emmalyon Thursday night quite interesting. I made the mistake of getting on 280 and immediately decided to pull off at the next exit, and took all surface roads after that. It wasn't so much the roads that bothered's that Californians have no idea how to deal with washouts and hydroplaning. Prevailing Theory: If I go real fast, I'll get through that giant puddle quicker! Yeah, that ain't gonna work, bud.

Suffice it to say, Casa EmmaJonc survived with nary a scratch during that whole storm, aside from a brief outage before I woke up and a few light flickers a few hours later. No leaks or anything else, which is good!

[You may have noticed I have no writing updates here, as I actually have none at the moment. Or at least nothing exciting to report. Maybe next weekend!]

Stay warm, kids! :)
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We have nothing of import planned this weekend! After weekends of symphony or shopping or the in-laws visiting (and FOGCon happening next weekend), we stumbled upon a free weekend! Which is good, because I've been exhausted the last few days. Sleeping until 7:30 might not be considered late to most people, but that's a good 2.5 extra hours of sleep for us.

Added to that, we've finally been given another stretch of lingering rain and cool temperatures. That's actually what we should have gotten a few months previous as a typical San Franciscan winter, but I can't complain (other than my sinuses pounding)...we definitely need the rain to fill up the reservoirs and keep the hills and mountains from catching fire later on in the year.

So! Things I actually do want to do (or must do) this weekend:
--Get haircut (we're doing that soon)
--Food/stuff shopping
--Write out and mail rent check
--Do our taxes (honestly, I usually have them done MUCH earlier, I've just been distracted!)
--Writing/research for Walk in Silence
--Play with new website idea (long-term...more about this in a future post)

On that note, we'll be heading out momentarily (in the rain, natch) to head down to Fillmore so I can get my haircut at SuperCuts, then walking down the block to Japantown for lunch (okonomiyaki, woo!) and shopping (more manga, woo!). Whee, mundane life! :p

Happy Xmas

Dec. 25th, 2010 02:24 pm
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Hey all! Garry Crimble and all that! :)

Things are swell, if a bit rainy, here in San Francisco, and we're both inside and staying warm and playing with our new toys. Both of us got some pretty nifty things this year--[ profile] emmalyon completely surprised me by getting a Nook Color (and, without irony, also got me the Mark Twain autobiography, which is the size of a small country, even though it's only Volume 1). And a chocolate Christmas Peep! Other fun presents from Emm and family included various books that I'd wanted, a nifty USB mike for recording, the Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 dvd, a Wii game (De Blob), and even some nice shirts! Also, received the first volume of Questionable Contentstrips, and a tee shirt from the site (Winslow the mp3 player happily proclaiming "I am full of music!"), which I am wearing right now. :p

Ooky weather notwithstanding, we did go out for lunch, this time to Sakana Bune, our local sushi boat restaurant and ate our fair share of sushi goodness. We are now inside where it's warm and dry, so we don't have to deal with the rain that's currently pouring down in buckets, and the wind that can easily destroy an unsuspecting umbrella. Such is winter here in Northern California...still, life is good, things are going okay, and we're both in fine spirits.

Hope everyone's having a spiffy holiday season! :)
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No Pats game here on the west coast. BOO! X( On the other hand, we do get the Raiders/Steelers game, as well as the Bucs/Niners game, so at least we do have some local games. Although I've a feeling the Niners are going to tank as usual...this is definitely not their season...

Today continues the weird weather: the rain sun rain sun MAKEUPYERFRIGGINMIND who-knows-at-this-point is most likely going to play havoc with any ideas of going outside, although a quick run for coffee may be in order, as usual. It's freakin' COLD out this morning, in terms of San Francisco weather at least (yeah, I know 49 degrees is balmy back east, shut up). The psychotic weather should end somewhere around Tuesday, just in time for a few sunny days near the end of the week. Just in time for Turkey Day! :)

Not too much else to report here...I need to start the laundry, straighten up Spare Oom a bit, maybe even do a bit more cleaning. You know, the usual boring housecleaning. I believe we have nearly everything we need for our Thanksgiving food preparation ([ profile] emmalyon is gonna make butter tarts!!), so I don't think we need to do much food shopping, especially since we bought quite a bit from the Grande around the corner yesterday.

And later, while listening to the Potted Plant Countdown (thank you, streaming WAMH), I'll be doing more work on Love Like Blood. As mentioned briefly on my Facebook page, chapter 9 needs a bit more work, so after I finish this go-round, I may backtrack and go over it again. It still feels a bit rough. Plus my usual Sunday afternoon poetry over at Dreamwidth.

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday!
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So outside it's a gorgeous blue sky with clouds up in the North Bay and a few to the east of us.

About two hours ago? This:

Clouds of DOOM coming from the west, with brilliant sun coming from the east.

Further proof we have extremely weird weather here. O_o
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Just to document it...

This is what the sky outside the Spare Oom window looks like, as of about fifteen minutes ago.

For the last month? It's been looking like variations of this, with no clearing:

So yeah...seeing blue sky out there today made me quite happy... :)
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Sometimes I miss the somewhat-predictability of New England weather.

This morning it was sheets of rain.

This afternoon it cleared up, sun was shining, and there was even a beautiful blue sky with just a few clouds.

Now, a few hours later (and just in time for me to head home, I should add), it's a DOWNPOUR with thunder and lightning and wind.

I almost guarantee that when I get home, it'll be sunny again. *headdesk*

EDIT @ 3:52pm PT: Aaaaaand the sun's out again. O_o;

Oh, and

Dec. 27th, 2009 02:02 pm
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We were woken up by thunder and lightning last night. Just a few rumbles, but not used to hearing that here, let alone at the end of December. O_O
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Heh. The big news on KRON4 this morning is OMG THE SNOW! Not here in the city, of, it's actually clear, if a bit nippy. But in the hills in the East and North Bays...everyone seems all asquee (or conversely, all freaked out) that they got what amounts to a dusting, two or three inches at most. I'm just greatly amused that they're making such a big thing out of it.

Been there, done that. :p
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Today at my workplace, it rained off and on, but never seemed to pour all that hard. In fact, the sun came out occasionally.

On the other side of town, apparently it rained so hard at one point that there are streetcorner floods galore from overfull drains, the Van Ness subway had a minor flood, there's a ginormous puddle in our garage, and North Beach smells like a swamp at the moment.

I'm not sure, but if anything, our new place probably just got a bit of rain and a LOT of fog.

This city has such weird weather. O_O
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...when the top story on KRON4 is how much rain we've gotten in the past few hours! Yup, it's supposed to be a downpour today, and I'm pretty sure neither of us want to actually leave the apartment because of it... :p
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I woke up this morning hearing people outside my window. One of them asking the following:

"Where's the nearest liquor store? I mean, one that's open."

DUDE! It's Sunday morning!!!

Then again, today the city is having Bay to Breakers, our annual reason to get drunk on a Sunday morning reason to run the length of the city completely naked (no lie, people do!) footrace from one end of the city to the other. And as I'm sure [ profile] head58 can attest, any foot race gets its share of people who decide it's a good a time as any to get pasted. ;)

Actually, according to the newscasts, they're saying the drinkers and the streakers are kind of sparse this year. I'm thinking either it's the police presence or it's just too damn hot out there. It's already in the mid-60s at just shy of 9am, and it's going to hit the mid-80s by midday--which is abmormally hot in this place.


I'm pretty much caught up with uploading/downloading everything back into my PC! The only things I'm missing are the eMusic downloader (easily snagged at the site) and the software for my Dana. Everything else is set up and running fine. I have to say I'm really happy to have switched to Norton 360, as it seems to run a lot smoother (and is a lot less obtrusive) than McAfee. I'm beginning to think that my PC's a bit low on RAM, does seem to be a bit slow when it comes to some issues. I'm not going to worry about that at the moment, though...

Also, downloaded my favorite mp3-creating tool from NCH the other day, which is free and really easy to use. So this means I can start up my ongoing project of transferring some of my compilation tapes of stuff from the radio into mp3s. This is the same program I used to transfer and edit the bulk of the Flying Bohemian stuff...highly suggested if you're an audiophile that wants an easy program to toy with. ;)


Still no writing Actually, I did get some work done yesterday! I'm throwing together a timeline/rundown of the Eden Cycle universe as sort of backstory, as well as a short explanation of what happens during the trilogy. [ profile] chaoticmoth pointed out (quite rightly) that I'd forgotten to post a "back page blurb" to explain what the story's about, so once that's done, all of it will be posted at [ profile] edencycle and x-posted here (to lure anyone else who's interested). Will be posting it, as well as the next chapter (or so) sometime later today!


I do apologize for those reading this...I seem to have used quite a lot of pairs of parentheses in this post. Bad habit of mine.


Hope everyone has a good day...stay cool if it's too hot out there! :)


Apr. 20th, 2009 04:52 pm
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KRON4 says that the temperature hit 91 today...*whew*!! Hasn't gotten this hot in some time, especially this early in the year! It's supposed to be a scootch cooler tomorrow (around 81), and then cool back down to the 70s.

Yeah, I know...I've been here since December '05 and I still don't get the weather patterns here... :p


Mar. 21st, 2009 05:41 pm
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ITEM: Our neighbor across the street needs to get a life. At all hours of the day, we see him standing at the window, staring out, and talking or playing with his phone (and hey, surprise, he's doing that right now!). One of these days I'm just going to stare at him until he gets the point and steps away from the window for once.

ITEM: Most errands done today! I dropped off packages while Emm went food shopping, laundry is done, and a list is being made for our trip down to Target tomorrow.

ITEM: Yay! The scaffolding outside our windows facing Bay Street are now gone! They took them down earlier yesterday while we were at work and moved them further down to the other end of our building. We can see again! And I have to add that I'm amused by the fact that the workers did a cursory wiping down of the windows before they tore down. :p

ITEM: Did some major computer cleaning using MalwareBytes Anti-Malware cleaner, which got some really good reviews on C|Net. It found a good amount of crap that CCleaner, McAfee, and everything else missed. Also updated IE to version 8, which seems to be working okay at the moment. I think I'll keep Firefox for now, just to have an extra browser if something craps out on me again.

ITEM: NINE OPERAS. Did I say NINE? Six of them on consecutive weekends? Yes. Yes, I did. Verdi's Il Trovatore, Puccini's Il Trittico, Mozart's The Abduction from the Seraglio, Donizetti's Daughter of the Regiment, Strauss' Salome, Verdi's Otello, Gounod's Faust, Puccini's The Girl of the Golden West, and Wagner's Die Walkure. The entirety of the 2009-10 Opera season, and we just bought tickets for all of them in a package deal. Cuz we're cultured n' stuff. Just thought I'd bring up that fact, in case you see me whimpering in the corner somewhere at some point, twitching and humming some aria off-key. :p

ITEM: As usual, today's been one of those days when the weather is alternately warm, cold, rainy, cloudy, foggy, clear, sunny, and, for about five minutes, everything in between. Gotta love San Francisco springs!

More later...I go write now...
jon_chaisson: (Marc Anthony confused)'ve been alternately sunny, rainy, overcast, and clear, all within the space of a half hour. Please, make up your mind!!! Sheesh...
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Yeah, looks a bit too craptastic out there to head up to the Haight to stop at Amoeba today...still cold and rainy. As I said to Emm, if there was a decent inexpensive parking lot nearby, I'd have driven up there. As it stands, there's exactly one lot nearby (a former parking lot for a closed supermarket, and a lot more expensive than it should be), and trying to find a spot on the street in that neighborhood is pretty much a crapshoot. It still amazes me that the 49ers used to play up there at the old Kezar Stadium...I always wondered how the hell people parked for the games up there!!

On the plus side, I now have a nice pile of cds, VHS tapes and dvds that we can trade in the next time we DO go.


What to do today...aside from hang out, drink coffee, and watch random stuff on TV... :p
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Craptastic weather out there again today...windy, rainy, overcast...good thing we went out yesterday, because today looks like it's going to be a day for staying inside. Not to fear, we've got the Daytona 500 to watch (as well as a dvd performance of Tosca that Emm took out of the library), and I don't have anything pressing to work on. As long as I make it a point to get some writing work done, it won't be a bad day. :)

Depending on the weather tomorrow, we may go to Amoeba, as we haven't gone there for quite some time. I'm still surprised at how infrequently I've been stopping at music stores. On the other hand, I've been doing a lot of online downloading (again, thank you eMusic and elsewhere), which of course is cheaper and takes up less physical space. Still, I may go through the cd collection today and see what I can pare down...I'm sure there's some in there I can trade in, even if it's for a buck or so.

Speaking of paring down...we still need to go through more of our books, particularly the hardcovers and nonfic books. Once we're through everything we'll do another Great Book Giveaway. Not sure when it'll happen, but I'll let everyone know as soon as we're good with the list. :)

...and back to writing. I admit I've been lazy the last few days, partly due to being busy with work and other things, but of course the weekend is always a good time to recoup and start over again. I'm probably two or three scenes away from finishing the dreaded Chapter 2 of CFMWH (which is proving to be more frustrating than I expected), but it should smooth out on the next chapter. This book is very unlike anything I've ever written, for many reasons (including never having written a time travel story before), so this one has definitely been an interesting experience. Frustrating at times, but also fun. Learned quite a bit as well! More on this at the oter LJ later on today if I have the time.

OH! And chances are I might be able to get a LOT of writing done this week, as tomorrow I've got the day off (President's Day holiday), but also Wednesday as well. I'm taking that day off because the building management is supposed to FINALLY come in and take a look at the crack in the wall and the broken window. Of course I knew they were going to say "we'll be in sometime between 9am and 4pm," so even though I'd have been working from home that day, I figure taking the whole day off would make more sense so I don't have to stop what I'm doing. So in the meantime, I can power up the PC and get some work done while I'm waiting. That's the plan, anyway!

More possibly later...have a swell day, kids! :)
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Work (WAH)
So far so good. Nothing out of the ordinary, nothing's fallen apart (yet), and no client has come rushing in with twenty emails yelling 'OMG I NEED FILES FROM 2005 STAT' all in caps (yet). Can't complain. I'm taking my first break right now.

Rain. Not a lot of it, but it's consistent, and it looks like it'll be staying for the next few days. After a fluke of a few weeks where not only was it sunny but warm as well, looks like we're swinging back to the typical San Francisco weather, which is lots of rain. Which is actually a good thing, as that means more snow up near Tahoe and a lot less flammable dry grass later in the year. ;)

I did good and worked for a full half-hour on the Wii Fit yesterday, go me! Yeah, I know, this isn't nearly as good as doing the actual exercise of running, doing weights and whatnot, but every little bit helps. Being that I haven't done squat in terms of exercise in years, it's a start, and a good one for me.

Ooh, excitement galore! Diagonally across from us, they've got a ginormous crane and they're taking down old ventilation boxes and putting up shiny new ones. All while it rains! Also in other news, our apartment building is slowly but surely getting an overhaul. Our building is one that has wooden slat siding, and it looks a bit faded and worn. They just finished the other building in our complex and will eventually do ours, but at the moment they're working on the walkways and stairs. Our main stairway might be diverted at some point, too. Fun!

I have my coffee, [ profile] emmalyon gave me a rather quirky birthday present (an antique map of southern New England circa somewheres around mid 1800's, I believe), and I've got my tunage going.

Sure, it's been a mundane birthday so far, but I have no problem with that. :)


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