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It doesn't take much to make me happy, I'm an easy-going guy. Hand me a plate of Italian food. Bring me to the local sushi boat restaurant. Drop me off at a record store and let me go hog wild. Feed me some chocolate--preferably white or dark, or with cherries inside. Serve me a malted milkshake. Let me spend hours in a bookstore.

And of course, these never fail to make me happy...

...and further proving I am five. :) )

Cartoons are always the simplest and the most fun pleasures for me. :)
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Q: Show a part of your nature that you feel you've lost. Can you get it back? Would it be worth it?

::Channels Inner Teenager, Steeped in Python, Warner Brothers cartoons, and Other Silliness::

In which Jon shows a part of his nature that could be potentially embarrassing to him and others he knows )

.... O_o


Sorry about that. let's start again. Aaaaand, ACTION )

...and the moral to this story is, sometimes I feel I've lost my spontaneity and silliness, but in retrospect, it's not that I've lost it, it's just that I've misplaced it and don't use it as often as I should. And yes, it's DEFINITELY worth bringing it back! :)
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Apparently the Feds are bad at spelling and grammar and want me to turn myself in--I just got the most amusing spam email today:

"FBI office get back to us immediately if you dont want us to arrest you and jail you for your own g0od"

So yes--run-on sentence, all in caps (I changed it here for ease of reading), no punctuation, leetspeak for the word "good", and a sketchy .txt file attached.

Not to mention a completely fake AOL email account for a return address.

Still, the wording of the "threat" totally made my otherwise frustrating day... :)
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Cat masters any curve with 4-paw drive gif - Cat masters any curve with 4-paw drive!
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This is a hell of a lot funnier than it really should be. :p

Oh, and...

Jan. 22nd, 2011 08:55 am
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...after [ profile] emmalyon went above and beyond and bought me a Nook Color for Christmas, she said that I pretty much got everything I wanted in electronic toys, so for my birthday she was going to get me sticks and stones.

She just handed me a pair of chopsticks and a polished stone from the hotel we stayed at last week.

This is why Emm is so awesome... :D
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EMM: So, do you like the shepherd's pie?

ME: Yes! *NOM*

EMM: Especially since we made it together yesterday!

ME:'s like it's infused with looooove...

EMM: ...yes, except for the Hate Potatoes.

ME: ... *snerk*
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So much AWESOME. :D
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1) OK Go totally has the viral video market at their beck and call at this point.

2) Trained dogs in the video? Sure, why not?

3) Am I the only one who started singing "I'm not your lover, I'm not your man, I am something that you'll never comprehend..." throughout the song? :P
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I admit this song gets stuck in my head now and again.

AND! The packed parking lot you see at around 50 seconds in? That's the one we go to on Masonic, and yes, it does get packed there. The neat thing is that they actually have someone out there directing traffic to keep the turnaround smooth.
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Another brilliant idea in aviation!

Yeah...people like me who can't sit still for more than .05 seconds? Yeah, sitting on that sort of chair for more than a few minutes ain't gonna happen. Not to mention painful.
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Today's "What the...??" song of the day on 92.3:

RAWK. \m/.(>_<).\m/
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funny pictures of cats with captions
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I'm now listening to 30 Seconds to Mars' This Is War, which I just downloaded from Amazon for $5. So yeah, I quite like it, but at the same time I can't help but think that if this album were a sentence, it would have about 8,542,436,001 exclamation points at the end of it.

Sort of like the items on Artur Boruc's Friday Rage List on the Yahoo Soccer Blog that [ profile] emmalyon and I find hilariously funny at the end of each week. ;)
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(Yes, it was in fact referring to the orchid behind the sign, but still...)
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I am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy about this... :D :D :D :D

And while I'm on the subject...

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When we were in line for the "Small World After All" ride at Disney (hey, like I said, I had to ride it just to say I did--don't make me post the video proof I took), this song of course was stuck in my head:


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