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Another sleepy Sunday arrives and I'm up with the sun as usual.  Sunday mornings I'm usually up around 6:30ish and head into the living room, check the internets, and watch some of the morning news.   And of course start the first pot of coffee.

This weekend has been less frenetic than the previous weekend, as our only plan was to go see Wonder Woman at the Alamo Drafthouse in the Mission.  And yes, it was indeed as excellent as everyone's making it out to be.  I only had one or two writing-related issues with it -- a couple of clunky bits and two underused characters -- but other than that, we loved it.  Would totally see it again and buy the DVD. ;)

Also:  the Drafthouse is indeed an awesome place to go see a film.  VERY comfy seats, really fun atmosphere, great sound and visibility, and good food that gets delivered straight to your seat during the film!  [And if you're concerned: the seats are all high-backed and the food servers are well trained in crouching, so you don't actually end up missing much of the movie at all.]  Extra points for having completely silly PSAs about safety, not talking during the movie, and so on.

This past week has been kind of an odd one in terms of productivity.  I've been dealing with some kind of allergy that's left me with an occasionally sore throat (although I think that may have been by cereal going down the wrong way last week, but that's another story entirely).  Allergies usually mean my sleeping habits get all wonky, leaving me exhausted during the day.  I did what I could to get my work done, but there were a few days where I felt I didn't get as much done as I'd wanted to.  It took enough energy for me just to get through the workday, so my word count was kind of low this past week.

I did try to turn it around, though, and I'm glad to say I did get a few thousands words across two different projects.  Yes, you heard me correctly...even though Meet the Lidwells is still my main project at the moment, I've been playing around with what will most likely be my next project after that.  It's sort of inspired by Studio Ghibli, a story about a teen growing up in a family-owned apartment complex that houses all kinds of beings -- monsters, angels, dragons, aliens, vampires, and so on.  [Yes, it was inspired by a dream I had.]  I posted a rough outtake on my Welcome to Bridgetown blog on Friday if you're interested in checking that out.  Anyhoo, I'm feeling a bit better this weekend, so I'm hoping to be back on the high horse come tomorrow.

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend!

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So after our quick grocery shopping trip yesterday morning, we drove into Japantown for lunch, perhaps some shopping, and a movie. This definitely one of our favorite neighborhoods to hang out in, as there's all sorts of fun stores and things to see. The elevator from the parking garage dropped us off right in front of the Sanrio stores (OMG the kawaii ^_^' ), so we of course had to pop in to take in more bright pink than was humanly possible. Luckily we didn't stay too long before my teeth started to hurt, so we headed next door to Japan Video...

...where the young woman behind the register, complete with Sailor Moon hair buns, had the Japanese customer service act down to an art form. Bowing every other sentence, handing the credit slip to me with two hands (and offering the pen to me, holding it in one hand and resting it on the back of the other, and so was so over the top and cute it was hard not be amused and impressed at the same time. Suffice it to say...the dvd we bought there was the complete collection of Azumanga Daioh. (If you're curious, or if you dare, this is one of the silliest scenes in the series and a good example of how goofy it can get.) So yeah...the first half hour at Japantown could definitely be considered the most overly kawaii moments I've ever encountered there.

After a quick stop at Daiso (aka "the dolla-fitty store" as we call it) and lunch at Izumiya (next door to the Kinokuniya bookstore) (I did good and did not order the okonomiyaki, which has become my default--I got a tasty pork/egg/rice dish instead), we made a quick detour to the bookstore where I got three more issues of the Naruto manga, and then headed off to the Kabuki next door.

So what did we see? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 of course!

cut for spoilers, feel free to skip if you haven't seen it yet )

As for today...? Not much...Emm's feeling a bit sniffly so we're probably just going to hang out and watch football and try to stay warm, even if it is a nice looking day out there. :)
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So I pretty much goofed off yesterday between football and doing other non-writing, non-productive things (well, aside from going out for a walk and doing the laundry), and it occured to me this morning that:

--I completely forgot to listen to the Potted Plant Countdown on WAMH's streaming site (Yes, [ profile] head58, they still have it after all these years, but I don't think they give away potted plants anymore...)

--I completely forgot to do my Dreamwidth poem posting. [On the plus side, I also realized that the subject of holidays could possibly be used in this one. Thank you instant inspiration!]

Ah least I have today off, so I can work on the latter sometime today. And perhaps getting some actual work done as well would be good.

On tap for today:

Going to see this around the corner at the 4 Star later today. I have to say the actor has Ginsburg's voice down perfectly, right down to the delivery of the famous poem itself. I suppose it's fitting that I'm going to see an indie movie about poetry and San Francisco and alternative culture, at an indie movie house around the corner from my apartment here in San Francisco where I do my writing... :)
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Actually, this is [ profile] emmalyon's idea, but I'm intrigued myself...!

Oh--and on a side note, that music in the background so reminds me of early Wire...


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