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...but that's due to having gone over to the Mission District to see Mary Robinette Kowal and Marie Brennan read at Borderlands, and we may have bought a few books in the process. Book stores tend to have that effect on us. ;)

This was also the second time I've deliberately driven over to the Mission rather than take the bus, because I knew it would take less time. I don't mind taking the bus, but that particular line is extremely unpredictable, as it drives through some of the heaviest traffic in town. The trip from the Richmond down to the Mission is actually pretty straightforward, and there's a pretty big parking garage down there on 21st and Bartlett (just off Valencia) that I can park at. I think this how I prefer the Mission--there's some neat stores down there, but I like a good quick escape when I get overloaded by the hipster/bro factor. And there's also the fact that we had just enough time to walk over to Bi-Rite Ice Cream over on 18th and Dolores for some tasty goodness--and believe you me, it's well worth waiting in the long line.

In other news, we decided another lazy weekend was in order and apart from doing some shopping in Daly City, we did little else except watch another few chapters of that film history documentary, among other things. She also bought a giant pork roast and made some heavenly tasty carnitas out of it, enough that it's been our dinner for the past few days. It's a super easy recipe--buy pork, cut up into bits, slow-cook with a few other things for about 3.5 hours, strain fat, break up into smaller bits, serving size depending on how much you want to snarf down in the first sitting. No promises, but there may be some left for me to have for a bbq pork sandwich later this week. Woo!

So, about the writing? Where am I with that?

Well! It seems kind of weird to suddenly be in this different schedule, but I'm quite enjoying it. I finally updated my whiteboard and it has nothing but "WIS" (Walk in Silence) written on it, Monday through Friday. The weekends are empty for the time being, and I'm letting myself have that for now, at least until I get more situated. I'm averaging about 400 words a day (sometimes more, sometimes less) so far on WiS' outline, but I'm fine with that. I'm not too focused on the word count this time out--I'm focusing on getting a tightly sculpted outline of what I want to talk about here. I'm also well aware that this is very different from writing fiction, where wouldn't dare restrict myself this much. The point of the book is to balance the memoir and the music, and I want to make sure one doesn't overpower the other.

Oh! Also, I got an email from my high school freshman year English teacher, asking me if I'd like to write a short-ish piece for a book she's putting together. The offer was quite serendipitous, considering that I'm in totally the right frame of mind for it, so I of course decided to accept. I've got a few ideas I'm toying with, and should be able to hit the mid-June deadline without an issue. Yay writing assignments!

I've got a few other "unofficial" writing things going at the moment too--little fun things that I won't go into just yet, but they're waking up some long-dormant styles and thought processes that may or may not also make it into WiS, or maybe just life in general. It may take a little time, but I'd like to think it's worth doing it.

On that note...hope everyone has a good week! :)
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Woo! Long weekend for relaxing, doing fun stuff, and getting important stuff done before our trip! I'm keeping a mental list of things I (or we) need to do before then, and I'm sure something will be forgotten, but nonetheless, I'm planning on this weekend being a good one, especially since the weather is definitely in our favor.

Yesterday was a rather NOISY way to start, as we had a)the Blue Angels practicing overhead, and b)our building maintenance guy fixing our shower, as the diverter valve (the middle one that changes the flow from the tap to the shower head) was pretty much kaputt. He pretty much tore the old hardware out and replaced it with new hardware along with a new shower head, so much clanging, crashing, pipecutting and thumping (and whistling and singing in Polish, I should add) took place in the bathroom, all while jets were WHOOOSHing overhead. He was also gracious enough to fix a major leak in the kitchen sink as well, and recaulked around the sink itself as well, which was quite nice of him. A very odd and noisy Friday indeed, but a good one!

Today was spent heading over to the de Young Museum in the park, so we could see a few shows going on: a collection of modernist paintings and a retrospective about Rudolf Nureyev. The second of which, of course, made me think of the Love Tractor song of that bears his name.

After a bite to eat at our favorite restaurant (Q, down the other end of Clement), we headed up to the Laurel Village shops for coffee and a few small things, including an plug adaptor for our trip. We also stopped by the Books Inc there, where I didn't actually buy anything, but made mental notes to check out a few music books that just came out (Ann & Nancy Wilson, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, and a collection of John Lennon's letters). After that we stopped at the OfficeMax for more shopping (Emm got a new toy and I got a messenger bag). And on the way home we stopped at a tiny bakery just off Clement that had some tasty looking cupcakes. I, of course, thought their cake scrap parfait (chocolate cake bits with layers of funfetti frosting in between) was the Most Brilliant Thing Ever and ordered it straight away. As of 6pm, we are both still full and have no plans on having dinner any time soon. :p

So yeah...busy Saturday! Tomorrow we don't have anything exciting planned, so it'll most likely be filled with more errands like food shopping and whatnot. I will also be continuing my crash course in Rosetta Stone French, a bit of writing, and laundry. I'm sure football will also make an appearance.

And yay, I get Monday off! That day will be spent dropping off the car at the Honda place downtown, taking the bus up to the Haight, and hanging out up that way for a bit. Amoeba doesn't open up until 10:30, so that leaves me about 2.5 hours to kill, but I'm sure I can find a coffeeshop I can hide in. And once I'm done there I can just take the N train back downtown and pick up the car from there. That reminds me--I should probably stuff the book and clothing donations in the car too, so I can drop those off on the way back. Get everything done! :)

So yeah...two more weeks before we head off to Paris. It's still weirding me out that we're going there on vacation for a full week (just slightly over, actually), but I'm really looking forward to it. My mind is racing with all the things that need doing before we head out, all the preparation and whatnot, and the anxiety that I won't do my name justice and speak French badly enough to get laughed out of town, but aside from that...I'm looking forward to it all. We're staying at this tiny little hotel on this tiny side street about a block and a half from the Louvre and the Bibliotheque, so we will of course be stopping at all the museums and the stores and the cafes, check out Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower, and all the fun stuff. I've already decided that at some point we will hang out at a cafe on the Left Bank and I will do an appropriate Murph drawing and write a poem. Just to say I did. ;)

Woo, two more weeks! :)


Jan. 7th, 2011 12:14 pm
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Pearsnip sauce (yes, pearsnip, that's not a typo) has got to be one of the oddest yet tastiest things I've ever eaten thanks to the Food Network's Alton Brown.
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EMM: So, do you like the shepherd's pie?

ME: Yes! *NOM*

EMM: Especially since we made it together yesterday!

ME:'s like it's infused with looooove...

EMM: ...yes, except for the Hate Potatoes.

ME: ... *snerk*
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Eggnog pumpkin milkshakes!

Definitely one of those "why didn't I think of that?" sort of concoctions... ;)

Thanks, Food Network! :p
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[ profile] emmalyon made us bento boxes o' tasty (and healthy!) goodness last night, and I think this is probably a good sign that the both of us are aiming towards eating better both at home and at work. Plus I'm trying out different things to manage my non-work time better (again, both at home and at work), and have managed to scribble out a good two hand-written pages of Walk in Silence notes during downtime.

Now to keep this going and not fall into a rut again. ;)
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According to GMap Pedometer, we walked just shy of four miles today! Not bad, considering I'm not nearly as tired and worn out as I'd expected to be, and a lot of it was uphill (as is the norm here in this town). We crossed over to Lake Street where all the posh houses are, cut over 32nd and up Clement, where we walked all the way to the end (it changes to Seal Rock Road and ends at Fort Miley), cut over and checked out Sutro Heights again, and made our way back up Point Lobos/Geary, over 34th to Clement again, and down to Hard Knocks Cafe where we ate back all the calories we'd lost walking (okay, we weren't that bad, but their food is quite tasty), and now we're back home. Whew!

So now I'm heading back up and down the stairs again doing laundry, and Emm is preparing our collection of kale we'd bought at the Grande around the corner, as she is making a tasty dish she found online.

Other than that? Been quite the productive (if not writingwise) weekend, so I'm quite happy about that. :)


Jul. 15th, 2010 07:22 pm
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I bought one of these the other day--a San Francisco institution--and I'm finally getting around to eating it now.



EDIT: Oh yes--if you the read about the history of these on the site, that amusement park they mention used to be about a mile or so from where I live now!
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This is down the other end of Clement from us, but we've gone there a few times already for brunch and it's some damn tasty food! One of [ profile] emmalyon's favorite places to go at the moment. :)
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Okay! Forcing myself to be in a better mood now that I've narrowed down what the hell was originally wrong with my PC, I'm going to pretend that the last month's worth of PC frustration didn't happen. Out of sight, out of mind.

Onto interesting weekendy things:

--There's a guitar store up on Clement between 9th and 10th Avenues called Exploring Music that sells some really nice acoustic guitars, including an acoustic bass for about two-seventy-something that I'm eyeing. Not a bad price, considering all the other acoustics around it are more around the $400 range...and I think the brand is local, which is neat!

--Managed to catch up on sleep, so I'm quite happy about that. I was seriously dragging on Friday and was amazed that I'd made it through the day.

--[ profile] inochinoakari and [ profile] athalran are now married by this point, I believe! They were the reason for my lack of energy on Friday, as we picked them up from SFO for a quick stopover before they caught their connecting flight to Hawaii for the wedding. Well worth the lack of sleep, though...congrats, you two! :)

--Eating: Saturday we stopped at Hamburger Haven on Clement for brunch. The place is a total dive and looks like one of your old-timey mom and pop restaurants in a small town, but they make some damn fine breakfast. And today for lunch we went to Hard Knox Cafe up the street, where I had a Cajun Lucy (a version of the Jucy Lucy but with peppers and pepperjack cheese). I am quite full now. *URP*

--Our weekend walking was kind of shortened this time, partly due to it being quite cold and windy today. We were originally going to take the 38 up to the end and then walk back on the Land's End/Fort Miley paths, but it just seemed too cold. So we ended up walking up to I believe 37th Ave, cutting over and heading down Clement. Just a little over a mile this time, but considering we walked at least twice that yesterday going to the Library and back, I won't complain.

--Pictures: I just finished uploading all sorts of stuff, and am currently uploading the Grizzly Bear Smackdown to YouTube so I can post it, so once that's all set I'll post some long-awaited pix! Plus, I think I need to upload some newer LJ icons. I haven't updated them in quite some time and I think it needs a change.

--Writing: Okay, so I've been lazy the past few days, partly due to exhaustion, but I've been doing something every day, so it's not a total loss. Again, I do plan to continue most of my writing out in the living room and then updating it here in Spare Oom on the weekends. Getting some headway on Love Like Blood, but A Division of Souls definitely needs more work. Aside from that, I'm glad I'm getting it done! :)

Hope everyone else had a good weekend! :)


Mar. 4th, 2010 07:44 pm
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[ profile] emmalyon was feeling a bit ooky today and so I ordered two chicken noodle soups from Pho Garden. It's now two hours later and we're both STILL full.


Man, they don't skimp on the servings there!
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I'm sorry, had to make that joke. :p

[ profile] emmalyon and I just got back from having lunch at Pho Garden a few blocks away. I had the large chicken noodle soup (which I'd say contained a good few quarts of broth), and Emm had the chicken with lemon grass plate. A handful of guys behind us were taking The Pho Challenge (and failed miserably). I tell you, those challenge bowls are huge enough to fit at least three sleeping cats comfortably.


I'd joked that we could have stopped at the Quickly for bubble tea, but I don't think putting even more liquids in my body would be a good idea at this point. Maybe later... :p


Sep. 27th, 2009 07:04 pm
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Can I just say Gewurztraminer wine is pretty damn tasty? Very good stuff to go with our chicken dinner!

(And a bit potent? We only had half a glass and we both have a slight buzz going. :p )

Oh, and!

Aug. 24th, 2009 08:08 pm
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Which means more fried badness from Chicken Charlie's!! :)

And according to this story from a local TV channel, one of their new creations is called a Zucchini Weenie.

[Enter Joke Here.] Ooookay.... O_O;

Seriously...if they have the Krispy Kreme Chicken Sammich again, I SO want to get one again...but I may also eat more creepy fried stuff like a twinkie or Coke or Statue of Liberty or something strange like that. :p



Aug. 20th, 2009 10:11 am
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Medium-sized coffee and a homemade blueberry muffin for $2.50 up the street. Can't beat that with a stick! :)
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This past week of no writing/music/etc due to PC woes (among other things) was actually a nice change, especially since I'm between projects at the moment. It was a nice slow-down, which gave me time to get my act together both work-wise and with life in general.

The past week in general was rather frustrating at first...starting with the PC issues, it went downhill quick with work frustration (including a major client issue that thankfully was taken care of by the end of the day). Which led to that post a few days ago about Carpe Diem. That was the point where I just got so frustrated that it was verging on getting pissed off. And that's usually the point where I go from stressed out to determined, and kick all kinds of ass to get stuff done, including my own.

Suffice it to say, by Thursday, everything was back to normal. Work slowed to a crawl in a good way, my PC is up and running well after a hard drive wipe/restore, and I've even been sleeping well the past few days! So yeah...what started as a craptastic week ended up quite nice. :)


Today? We rode the F train down to the Ferry Building to stop at the farmer's market, and bought all sorts of goodies, including some chard and other greenery, a few things of strawberries, a handful of very shiny-looking cherries, and of course some cheese from the cheese vendor in the back that we always buy from. Not too much, but enough to keep us for a few days!

Also--shopping at Trader Joe's down the street, in which they stole my 80's mp3 collection for the day, playing the following while we were in the store:
--The Call, "Let the Day Begin"
--Thomas Dolby, "Europa and the Pirate Twins"
--Duran Duran, "Is There Something I Should Know?"
--Split Enz, "History Never Repeats"
--The Cure, "Let's Go to Bed"
Still, bought more foodstuffs there for lunch and later, as well as some local store-owned wine on sale ($3.99! Can't beat that with a stick! :p). Spent a good chunk of money here, but we always end up with a lot of stuff for our money, so it evens out.

Lastly, went up to the local library to donate two shopping bags worth of books (leftovers from the Great Book Purge that no one wanted--we still have about 2 boxes left, mostly hardcovers)...then down to the local B&N where I bought the latest Catherine Jinks book (The Reformed Vampire Support Group) as well as a new copy of Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet on the Western Front, which I've had a hankering to read again. And of course, the second coffee of the day was purchased at the Starbucks there.

Now? Hanging out, watching Mythbusters, and not much else. Going to be a GORGEOUS weekend, and we will most likely make the best of it by doing at least something outside at some point.


Back to the PC for the moment--was able to redownload and update MS Office 2007 to prove that I have priorities--I could have downloaded MediaMonkey first and hope to reupload/redownload a few other things, but I'm choosing to be a bit more spartan this time...I didn't have many programs on there to begin with, but before I did the drive wipe, I realized there were some programs on there I never used and therefore didn't really need on there. This time I'm going to make sure I download only stuff I need, added to the fact that I need to keep an eye out on what's running in the background (that is, what's running silently whether it's on or not), because that's part of what slows my PC down half the time.


More soon...also, will most likely post something both at [ profile] jonchaisson (something to do with writing, natch) and [ profile] edencycle (yes, as promised, Chapter 2 will be up soon!).

Hope everyone's having a good weekend! :)
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ITEM: Feeling better this evening, which makes me happy. I still feel tired as hell, even though I did nothing but watch TV and occasionally play around on the internets. I may or may not write tonight, depending on if I have the energy. Work did pop into my head every now and again, but I tried no to feel guilty for not being there (that's my own damn fault for having that sort of work ethic).

ITEM: Sweet! Free shipping on Land's End stuff until Thursday! Good timing, since I'm planning on ordering this coat, as I want to get a coat that's heavier than my raincoat but lighter than the brown one I have.

ITEM: I'm contemplating unplugging for a few days/weeks from the internets, as it still seems to have its talons in me, thanks to the pre-election entertainments. It's not so much an "I-need-more-time-to-write" thing as it's the fact that I just need to step away from everything and calm my brain down for a bit. I'll probably still email/LJ, but not as much. I'll let you all know what/when/how.

ITEM: AP just called it for Begich over Stevens. w0000t!

ITEM: Note to self--use up this month's eMusic downloads before Saturday!

ITEM: Had some interesting ideas the other day regarding the subplot/main plot that's going on in Can't Find My Way Home. I may have to do some heavy thinking to see if it's doable, but these new ideas may just help me finish off the outline and make the story that much better.

ITEM: Also concerning CFMWH--Some of the chapters I've already written out may be substituted or at least rewritten, which means that stand-alone shorts may be in the cards...

ITEM: I'm already up to Chapter 7 on the A Division of Souls reread/rewrite/preparation-for-website. So far I've noticed one chapter that can be smooshed in with a different chapter (or two), which will make the pacing better. If memory serves, I think this switcheroo is actually how it originally was before I divvied up the chapters differently. More on this later.

ITEM: Though I'm still sleepy, I'm feeling quite hungry right now, which I think is a good thing and a sign that I'm feeling much better. Not exactly completely better, but more so than last night. And [ profile] emmalyon is making pork chops and potato pancakes tonight! Yay!

ITEM: Okay, that's enough for now. I'm going to see if I have the oomph to write now. :)


Aug. 24th, 2008 03:49 pm
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[ profile] emmalyon makes a GREAT strawberry smoothie. As well as really tasty zucchini bread!! :D

Thanks sweetie! :)

(Yeah, that's a Hello Kitty mousepad. What of it? :p )


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