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Well, the great news is that A. is coming back on Wednesday! Yay! Although I'm sure I won't see her for a few days after she gets back as she'll be sleeping until the following Monday. Heh. Still, I did relatively well in her absence, eating healthy for the most part and keeping the place clean. Did some more cleaning today because why not. And it's still early in the afternoon, so maybe I can get some online shopping done as well.

In other exciting news, I should be getting a new router from AT&T tomorrow so our internet will be both faster and we'll have a much bigger data plan (for about the same amount as we're paying now, apparently), which will really help both of us, since we both work from home and use the internets quite a bit. Going to get that up and running after my work day is done, of course.

In writing news, The Persistence of Memories is now FINALLY available in trade paperback on Amazon! Yay! It took me long enough. And now that Book 2 is out of the way, I can finally work on The Balance of Light. The line-edit is done for that one, so all I need to do is start going through the ebook and trade versions. I'm thinking this one will probably see the light of day in January by the looks of it, but we shall see.

As for holidays...Thanksgiving was quiet but enjoyable. Bought myself some turkey tenderloins and cooked both of them up for dinner. Had one then and I'm having one for dinner tonight with a salad. Nothing too exciting there. But yes, it's now time for me to do Christmas shopping, so I will most likely continue with my normal route of ordering most everything online and then mailing it out. And yes, I've been hearing Christmas tunage in the stores over the last few weeks. It kind of crept up on me this year, as I've been too distracted with the writing projects! I usually buy at least one Christmas album a year, so I'm curious to see which one I'll pick this year. Maybe a classic, or maybe a new release!

Hope everyone's having a good weekend! :)
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Note to self: ordering the chilaquiles dish at Richmond Republic is a great idea...if I want to feel ridiculously full for the rest of the afternoon. What's essentially a small skillet piled with breakfast nachos is indeed hangover food. The brewpub itself was full of Bay to Breakers leftovers, including a group of Gilligan's Island cosplayers (Gilligan, Skipper and Mary Ann) having nothing but mimosas the entire time. The walk home did help wear down some of the spinny from the two ales I had (one oatmeal stout and one coffee vanilla lager, both from local breweries).

Taking a break from cleaning the two apartment bathrooms for the moment to catch my breath (I need to give the shower a good scrub-down next). And once that's done, then I can do what I wanted to do this weekend, and that's catch up with my writing!

I'm doing pretty good with having a backlog for my Walk in Silence posts but I'd like to create a few more so I'm at least a few entries ahead at all times, which would make that at least two weeks ahead. I'd also like to create more backlogged Welcome to Bridgetown posts as well. Using the scheduler on my WordPress blogs has decreased my stress levels considerably, as I don't have to worry about cramming all my writing into one evening and thus getting little editing done.

Speaking of editing...oof. The Balance of Light is coming along, but slowly. I'm nearly done with this chapter, and it's miles better than the original opening, though I've already proven to myself that this book's gonna get at least two, maybe three revisions before I release it by the end of the year. There's a LOT left to go, and I need to ensure that I dedicate the time to it; I can't let it fall by the wayside or get distracted by the blog entries or other things.

In short, I've been doing a lot of thinking about my writing over the last few weeks. Yes, I know...I tend to do that on a daily basis anyway, but this has to deal with multiple things: my output, time dedicated to it, and the level of dedication I give to it. I spent years working on the Trilogy, and donating a crapton of time to it at that. It's hard to describe, but writing the trilogy, while fun, did feel like I was trying to Create A Perfect Work of Art, if you get my meaning. There's a level of ultraseriousness to it that, while it worked for the creation and writing in this universe, I don't believe I need to reach quite so high for my other projects. In fact, I think that's why some of my other projects stalled in the past: I was trying way too hard to recreate that level of perfection. Us writers are our own worst enemies when it comes to that. So once the Trilogy is out and away, you're going to see a change of mindset and habit on my next projects. I'll still be professional, but I doubt I'm going to try to aim for Best Book in the Universe anymore.

I have more thoughts on this, of course, but I'll save it for another day.

Meanwhile, back to cleaning!


May. 13th, 2013 09:15 am
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As you may have noticed on my WordPress site, I haven't quite gotten around to posting the next Blogging the Beatles post, though I should hopefully get one up by next weekend. It just so happens that I finished up the major revision of A Division of Souls a bit earlier than expected, and all my creative time has been dedicated to getting the manuscript all nice and tidy for submission. Given that I've been working on this novel nigh on a decade (granted, there were a few years in there where I was working on something else and letting this one stew), I believe it's high time I get this one out and away, and I'd like to make sure I'm doing it right this time. So yeah...that novel takes precedence.

Still, I should have gone on that site and posted a "more posts coming soon" filler much sooner. Sorry about that.

On the plus side, I've been doing pretty good with making sure I find time for my other creative outlets. I've posted a couple of new poems over at the Dreamwidth site that are crossposting here (which btw, I don't think I've ever had someone *squee* at my poetry before, so thanks [ profile] anagramofbrat!) and making sure I get at least something new done each day. It helps that I put my poetry notebook, my journal and my Wacom under my monitor shelf as a way to remind myself to pick them up now and again. Feels good to do that again.

In the meantime, I've been listening to a lot of college radio again. I know..."When are you not listening to that stuff?" Heh. Well, considering that a lot of my desk listening has been either the now-sadly-departed AOL Spinner or my mp3 collection (and occasionally Save Alternative or Radio BDC), I figured it was high time to start branching out again. This time out I've been listening to a lot of KSCU out of Santa Clara University, their playlist is definitely up my alley--lots of indie rock, indietronica, and alt-folk, with a smidge of electronica thrown in there. Just the right level of indie that's not too outsider (like KALX in Berkeley), or trying too hard to cover every single possible music genre (which is another post entirely). In a very eerie way, its playlist is quite similar to WAMH's playlist back in the day--a good mixture of sort-of-well-known alternative, local, and obscure. This is definitely a station for listening. That is, it feels like a station for people like me, who are listeners and not necessarily partiers or hipsters. Well--I could go on about this, but I'm thinking I may have another WiS post in my brain instead. Either way--great station to listen to, well worth checking out.

On that note...Monday beckons and I've got stuff to do these next few days, but hopefully I won't be as scarce as I have been. Hope everyone else has a spiffy week! :)
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First, to get this out of the way:

WOOOOO!!! GO PATS!!! :D :D :D :D :D

*ahem* Carry on...

Been a surprisingly productive weekend here at Casa TC. Yesterday was mostly Errand Day, as our cupboards were emptying out. So, shopping at Westlake Mall! I had a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $25 or more of food at World Market, so we went a bit wild with snacks (various chocolates, Zapp's potato chips with an interestingly vague flavor name of "Voodoo", some maple pecan popcorn, among other things) some pumpkin ale, and some wine. Also, a good portion of regular food was purchased downstairs at Trader Joe's.

We also decided to head over to the DSW shoestore for new footwear specifically for our Paris trip in a few weeks [HOKEY SMOKES, is it coming up that quickly?!??]. As I have been informed that I will apparently be laughed off the continent for wearing New Balance sneakers, I spent the extra money and got some nice and comfy solid black Nikes. Emm got a nice pair of walking shoes as well, along with a pair of pumps which surprised both of us (she normally doesn't wear them).

Spare Oom got another good going-over yesterday as well...I managed to combine all my work-related stuff into one box and shoved that into the closet, magazine piles were thinned out, and things were moved so I can actually use the loveseat behind me again! Now I just need to make a trip to the Fort Mason book drop and the Goodwill up the way, and the floor will be even more open.

Today was Clean All The Things! Day, so I did quite a bit of vacuuming and dusting, arranging, throwing away, and wiping up of said Things. I really should have taken a Claritin, as I am still slightly congested from the Great Dusting of Jon's Corner of the Bedroom. Clearly I should have done this quite some time ago, and it would not surprise me in the least if I find myself NOT snoring from congestion tonight. And lastly, I just kicked off an email to our building maintenance guys (cc'ing our building manager, of course) detailing some plumbing issues. Nothing horrible, but just enough to warrant fixing.

So! It's just past two pm here, I'm kicking back and listening to WAMH online, and wondering what I'm going to do with the rest of the day. Emm is currently in the kitchen making a giant batch of applesauce, but once that's done we'll most likely take a walk up to Land's End and then over to the Quickly on Geary for some bubble tea. So what's next?

I'll be working some more on Chapter 6 of A Division of Souls, and I know that it's going to be a big pain in the ass like Chapter 5 was...but I'll going into that in another post momentarily. In fact, a lot of writing-related thoughts I'd like to touch on in the next post. Stay tuned!

Also...I need to install the Rosetta Stone Francais software and get crackin' on it, as we have just a few weeks for me to brush up on a foreign language I haven't actively studied since 1993. Geez, and I call myself French-Canadian...! The packaging is a bit vague as to how many people can use it, and how many computers it can be set up for, so I'm thinking maybe setting it up on the Spare Oom PC here, and then onto the Lenovo, that way we can get it up and running and the both of us can use it. As I've said, I can passably say the little things one needs--y'know, the please, thank you, I'm afraid I've eaten too much cheese, things like that--and I can understand it a lot more than I can speak it...but I should at least try to recapture more of it.

Okay! Time to head outside and enjoy a bit more of this shockingly warm day (I say shocking, considering it's been in the 50s and foggy for the last few weeks) and partake in some tasty bubble tea.

MOre soon!
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So I spent a good portion of the afternoon in Spare Oom doing all sorts of things aside from writing. To wit:

--Breaking down a few boxes that had been sent to us containing online shopping goodness (including hiking shoes, pants, a riser for my monitor (which took up 10% of the box, the rest containing packing pillows), and the Writer's Market 2011.

--One of said boxes has been saved and now contains a growing pile of stuff to be shredded. Said to-be-shredded stuff was once in a different box (which was previously broken down) and elsewhere. This is part of a larger pile of stuff in front of the window which needs to be sorted through. This is mostly all sorts of whatnot that I may or may not need to save, along with things I definitely do not need to save. That project is a little further down the line.

--Various books moved around. The short bookshelf to the right of my desk now has the dictionaries and other reference books, put there as it's easier to reach while in mid-writing session. The books that were there--a collection of Writer's Digest how-to books and other things are now moved to the bookshelf to the left of the desk. And still more books and whatnot have been moved to the bookshelf partially obscured by the loveseat on the opposite wall behind me. Some books that were there are now also on the lefthand bookshelf.

--Cleaned up the bagfuls-of-bags in front of the larger bookshelves, narrowed it down to one bagful of bags and one not-broken-down box of packing paper, said packing pillows, and a plastic bag full of plastic bags. These too may be pared down later on.

The upside of this is that the window is a little easier to access now, the floor's a little cleaner, and I got to clean a few things in the process. There's more to be moved/cleaned/sorted/shredded/filed away, but I figure I'll keep doing a little at a time.

Still to be done:

--Sort through things still in front of window
--run a complete clean wipe of old PC and donate it to Goodwill so I have more closet room
--debate whether I want to keep some of my computer boxes, or at least break some of them down to save space
--figure out when/if we'll have another Great Book Purge soon
--find things to hang on some of the walls here...I have a few sort-of-empty spaces that need filling.

Okay, enough of that, let's see if I can sneak some writing in now! :p
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So my plan at the moment is that I may move Arkham West into Spare Oom later today (or tomorrow, depending on how much time I have) so we can set up Emm's new desk. The only downside to this is that I won't have internet access right away--I need to call our maintenance guy to see if he can wire up that back room (which, if I'm correct, would pretty much involve drilling a hole in the wall to the outside, a wire going up to the roof and connecting to the phone system up there...but I could be wrong). Any internet access will be achieved by commandeering Emm's old laptop for my own, as well as using that for writing as well. WAH days would still be achieved by way of plugging into the router, no change there.

Other than the connection issue, I still need to do some backing up of stuff on B3K here. I may need to hook up the new PC to the internet as well, just so I can download some of the programs I'd need or want to update before temporarily going offline. Mind you, I'm not wiping B3K's memory right away, so any info/programs/files can be moved over at any time. But I'd like to make sure MS Word is updated and I have my precious MediaMonkey mp3 player. :p

And on top of all of that, I still want to make sure I get some writing done. ;)

So yeah...if you don't hear from me right away, that's why.
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Spent WAY too much money at IKEA across the bay (thanks to my in-laws for the gift certificate!!). We now have more furniture!

Will take more pictures soon...for now, we're having lunch and will soon spend the rest of the afternoon putting stuff together. :)

Also later: my post o' future plans, predictions and resolutions, writing and otherwise. :)

EDIT: Just got back from another trip to seems someone in the warehouse put the wrong chairs in the bin, so we ended up with one that we wanted and three that didn't match (and added to that, the wrong ones weren't on sale so it was an extra $30 each). Worth the trip though, because they look quite nice!
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So for your enjoyment, behold, THE BOXES-O-COUCH:

The two larger ones were about 4' by 2' by 2' (rough estimate), and the smaller one is an additional ottoman that we ordered along with the sofa. So yes...pretty compact and well packed, as the cushions were pretty much shrinkwrapped/spacebagged for minimum taking up of space.

During and After Pix under the cut! )

So yes, Home Reserve definitely FOR THE WIN! :)
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Posted free boxes on craigslist...and had them picked up and gone two hours later.

We now have TONS of room in our living/dining area again. :p

Now if I can just get that back room all situated...!


Nov. 7th, 2009 04:40 pm
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Another early awakening, which meant watching another Holmes on Homes at 6:30 in the morning. :p

Did some big-time shopping early this morning, driving down to Target. Found the best--and nicest!--way down there is to drive over to Great Highway (aka the You Can't Get Any Further West in San Francisco Than This Road) (okay, there's the Farralon Islands, but never mind that, this is where you ask me what kind of car I got) (ANYWAY), head south down the coast for a few miles, cut over on John Daly Blvd (where we found yet another shopping center that has all kinds of neat things!) and catch 280 the rest of the way down to Target. It took about a half hour tops, and as said, it was a VERY nice day for it, especially since the tide was in and the breakers were pretty high and rough! Very pretty watching that...

More stuff bought for the apartment, including cleaning stuff. On the way back we stopped at the Safeway on La Playa (again--it blows my mind that we were buying groceries mere yards from the Pacific Ocean), where we stocked up big time, including a turkey for T-Day! :) We got back home right around noonish, and as soon as we unpacked our purchases, we were out and about again. Took the bus up to 10th Ave to check out our local library, which has just recently been renovated. VERY nice, we'll need to take our cameras next time. They even have a little playground for the little ones on the 10th Street side! [Note: the mini-playground has that recycled-tire spongy surface. Back in my day we had ROCKS! And GRAVEL! And...and BLACKTOP! And WE LOVED IT! And get offa my lawn, ya little snits!)]

Walked all the way back home...a good mile or so of walking, but it's easy and quick, and we stopped for lunch at a Chinese restaurant right at the end of our block. Very tasty food, good service, and their Muzak was cracking me up--I wasn't sure if it was Asian easy-listening pop or some sort of Asian gospel music...light pop music played on an organ. :p

And now we're home...I'm taking a break from moving stuff around in the back room library/office room. So far I've consolidated all of the CDs, tapes and videos into four boxes, I've got two boxes of stuff to give to Goodwill, I've created a "stuff" storage tub that may end up in my closet (I currently have nothing on the floor in there), a bag of trash, another bag of stuff to be shredded and/or recycled, and getting all my pictures, cards and etc stuff all in one place. Not sure where I'll put them, but I'll figure something out. Again, this may bleed into tomorrow as well, at least the filing/sorting/recycling part of it, while watching football. ;)

So yeah...just hitting 5pm and we've gotten a LOT done today. Can't complain... :)

EDIT: OH! We saw a Tesla Roadster on the way back from Target--never saw one of those before! Very nice car! :)
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We haven't really thought of anything we really want to do this weekend, and we're not entirely sure what the weather will be (such is the Bay Area), so at the moment I believe we'll just be kicking around, doing our usual food shopping and more unpacking.

Speaking of which--I'm in the process of moving all the random boxes with my name on them that I need to go through (read: CDs, boxes of junk, papers to file, etc) into the back room, and hope to go through them sometime this weekend. I have a rather large collection of clothes I'd like to donate as well, so I'll add that to the pile. This will most likely take more than just a single weekend, but as long as I get started on it, it should be okay. I just don't want that back room to get all cluttered.

Which reminds me...I'm still at the point where I walk past that room and say "oh yeah...that's right, we have a second bedroom!" I'm so not used to that. :p

Depending on if we're up for it, we may end up going out to Target for some additional household stuff (we finally have a reason to buy a Swiffer mop and a full-length broom!). I'm trying to figure out an easy way to get down to the mall without driving all over creation. I think the *easiest* would actually be to drive out to Ocean Beach and take that road down, as it connects with 280 later on. I could also drive down Rt 1, but that stretch has the worst crosstown traffic on the weekends. We shall see...

Anyway...that's the weekend for us. Anyone else doing anything?
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Got up pretty early this morning, about 6:15 or so, simply due to not being sleepy anymore. Which is good, because one of the few downfalls to watching Holmes on Homes on Saturdays is that it's on Eastern Time now on the Dish, so it's on at 6am. Had breakfast, hung out a bit, and by 9am we were ready to go.

Headed over to our old neighborhood to do some much-needed shopping at the Marina Safeway and so I could drop off our keys to the old apartment. Made one last swing through the place to make sure I didn't forget anything (which I did--one plastic hook we stuck up on the wall to hang something), then dropped off the keys at the Trinity office.

Once we got back and unpacked the foodstuffs, we went out for what ended up being nearly a three-mile walk around the neighborhood, including checking out some of the REALLY nice houses in Seacliff (which, let's face it, is part of the Richmond district, but the houses are mostly detached and rich and sometimes famous people live there, so they want a separate name. ;) ) well as heading down a good swath of Clement, which has all sorts of awesome little stores and restaurants. We found a Russian grocery store, a Pho restaurant (PS, [ profile] head58: click on this one and scroll down--they have a Pho challenge that I think you should join in on when you come out), many produce stores, all types of other restaurants, and whatnot. Finally we swung over to Geary to make our way back, and saw even more really neat stores and restaurants (including a place called Buffalo Burger, where we had an AWESOME lunch), including our local Wells Fargo/Starbucks--yes, they are actually in the same storefront. One more swing back over to Clement, and back home. Google Pedometer says we walked 2.871 miles today.

But that's not all!

Once back, we moved more things around today...yarn was unpacked, boxes broken down, stuff put away in my desk, bookcases moved around, more stuff put away, and piles of stuff created to eventually be filed/put away/thrown away/recycled/donated. Also, many boxes moved and rearranged. Unfortunately we're nowhere near finished, but at least it's a start. We're still sort of trying to figure out where we want everything to go, and of course we're also making a mental list of more furniture to buy in the future once we see what we need. I know on our mental wish list we have a larger couch (our loveseat will probably end up being in the 2nd bedroom), a glass case where we can put our collectibles, and a very small kitchen table to wedge into the corner in the kitchen.


More unpacking while football is on! :D
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To Do This Weekend:
--dropping off the keys to our old place (after I go back in to take down the hooks I forgot to take down earlier)
--shopping at the Marina Safeway while I do said dropping off (Emm will do this)
--continue unpacking/rearranging stuff in the apartment
--watch football! big event, no opera or symphony? O_O

Sunday Too

Oct. 18th, 2009 03:40 pm
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Okay, so I wussed out and only did one trip to the new place today. Brought over the stuff we bought at Target/BB&B today, plus some kitchen stuff plus some of Emm's clothes. I dunno...I should have done another trip, but I'm just dead tired right now. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the fact that I kept waking up last night, every couple of hours or so, mostly due to the yahoos coming out of the bars. I think we ran the gamut last night--drunk frat boys, potential chick fight, bf/gf argument...I think the only thing we didn't have was someone hurling. Yes, that has happened outside our window. O_O

Stopped at Safeway to see if I needed to rent a carpet cleaner, but they suggested just coming in to rent one on the day needed. Hopefully there will be one available that day! And it has to be done on Saturday, as we're going to the Opera on Sunday. Yup, big weekend! :)

Anyhoo...going to spend the rest of the day packing some of my own stuff. I need to pack the stuff on the bookshelf and some of the stuff under the bed. Lord knows where I'll put it...but I'll figure it out. My bureau is now down to a week's worth of stuff to wear, my closet just has clothes for the two days I'll be in-office, everything else is in boxes. If time permits, I may bring some of it over there during the week.

Big move is Friday...we are SO looking forward to it, partly to get it over with, partly to enjoy the OMG ENORMOUS new place. :)

Sunday Sun

Oct. 18th, 2009 11:14 am
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Did a quick trip down to Target and Bed Bath & Beyond this morning to buy some more apartmenty stuff (as well as a side trip to B&N so Emm could by the new Pratchett book), had lunch and football (Vikings/Ravens) over at Tiernan's. Am not getting ready to move some more stuff to the new place. Will probably only make two trips today, but I'm thinking that taking some of the odd-sized boxes might be a good idea.

Also, Channel 92.3 is our latest favorite not-Live-105 station due to its habit of sounding like the Music Director pulling songs at random (new Pearl Jam followed by Love & Rockets' "So Alive" followed by Sneaker Pimps followed by Foo Fighters followed by U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday")...good stuff on this station!

Oh, and I currently LOVE this song they're playing:

(sorry, you can skip the first few seconds of TV Guide promo)

They've been playing this on that station a lot lately, while I've been moving stuff to the new place. The singer reminds me of Toni Halliday of Curve, the music reminds me of a bass-riff-centric melody I would have written for the Flying Bohemians, and, well, it's just a cool song. :)

Okay, enough dawdling...I got stuff to do!
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WORK: Not bad. Not bad at all at the moment. Still a bit behind, but nowhere near as much. Not saying anything else so I don't jinx it. ;)

PACKING: Got nearly all the CDs in boxes. Doing the smart thing by only filling the boxes halfway with cds, because filling them all the way would just make them too damn heavy. Just need one more box for the errant ones hiding on the bookshelf, and will probably mix in the random bits and bobs I have in that general area along with them. This also means the two wood boxes are now empty and ready for my piles of writing and whatnot! :) ALSO--we need to fill out the inventory list for the movers to let them know what we have. Doesn't have to be a complete list, it's just more of an estimate on how many and how heavy.

MOVING: Well, my initial idea of moving stuff after work during the week didn't quite pan out, partly due to bad weather, partly due to working OT yesterday (and possibly today). However, we have all of Saturday and Sunday to move more stuff over. I'm sure we can get a goodly amount more over there before the weekend's through, then from there, it's just a countdown to next Friday!! :)

MUSIC: Today brought to you by 1988, of course. Listened to Big Pig's Bonk, The Church's Starfish, currently finishing off Peter Murphy's Love Hysteria, and on deck is the Mighty Lemon Drops' World Without End, Camouflage's Voices and Images and whatever else I can fit in. I should note that all these were released in the first three months of that year, so I'm not even close to some of my other favorite albums of that year. :p

CABLE: Dish Network, I love ya, but you're being a PITA to sign up for. On the plus side, you've got an office about five blocks away from our apartment, so I can stop by on Saturday to get something set up for next week. :) Comcast, your days are numbered!! ;)
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Well, here I am, wide awake, having woken up just before 7am on a Saturday morning. I've got the local news on while I browse the internets, contemplating what I'll have for breakfast or if I should start making the coffee. It's a little overcast (but knowing SF, it's probably jsut low-lying fog and will burn off midmorning), and a bit chilly, but otherwise all is good.

It's going to be a busy weekend all's Fleet Week here, so we'll have the Blue Angels buzzing our apartment current apartment sometime today. There will also most likely be many tourists clogging the sidewalks (and the roads) too, but we're used to that. However, most of today I will be driving between here and our new place, dropping off boxes and other stuff. Not sure how many trips I'll take, maybe three or four, but it'll make a nice dent in what needs being moved.

On Sunday we have Mozart's opera The Abduction from the Seraglio, which should be fun (although getting there may be a trick due to the Italian Heritage parade partially blocking off our normal route to get to the Opera House). Depending on how tired/in pain I may be (not from the opera, of course :p), I may move some more boxes then as well.

And Monday? Unfortunately Emm has to work but I have the day off. w0000t! Which means even more packing and moving!

So yeah. Lots of moving stuff this weekend. Hopefully I won't pull or break anything in the process! :)
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WOOHOO! The scaffolding outside our windows have been taken down! It's no longer dark in the room! We can open the windows! And best of all, our corner looks all purty now! :)

They still have the scaffolding up a little up the street where they're working on the last of the building. This will entail completely redoing the front landing where the doors and the mailboxes are (and also the walkway between the two buildings in our complex, which is completely torn up and covered by boards at the moment), so I'm curious as to how mail will be gotten. Should be interesting.

If time permits, I'll post a picture later of how the building looks now! :)
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No, I'm not sick...that's just me sniffling and coughing from the insane amount of dust that's been kicked up over the last couple of hours. We got rid of a LOT more books than expected, so we now have a lot of space on our bookshelves again! [Also, we suddenly have a bit more room on our kitchen counter too, as some of the appliances there that we don't use on a daily basis are now on the shelf near the front door.]


Granted, this has caused my "read and get rid of" pile to grow exponentially, so I'm going to have to go through it again and thin that out as well--there are some titles I definitely don't need there, and can borrow from the library at a later date.

SO! Next step--to start making the list of the Emm n' Jonc's Big Book Purge. As said before, I'll be sending it out first to family to make sure we're not giving away their stuff. And once that's all good to go, I'll be posting the list here on the LJ. I'll definitely let you all know when that happens!

And now, off to get us some coffee!! :)
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Slept in...sort of. Woke up a little before 7am (try as we might, we can never quite sleep in late). Went to brunch at Pat's Cafe for pancakes (me) and biscuits and gravy (Emm). Stopped at Barnes & Noble for book buying (see previous post), and also to Cost Plus next door to buy some wine and other fun stuff.

After that? A bit of gaming on the Wii, then playing around at Project Gutenberg to catch up on some old literature I should have read a long time ago. Now have the full selection of Baum's Oz books, which I've been meaning to read for ages.

And now?
Coffee and watching a Rick Steves marathon.

I love vacations... :)

[To be fair, I'm not going to be completely lazy...I'll be doing some writing later on!]


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