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About halfway through last week I was hit with -- well, not exactly feeling sick, but feeling exhausted.  No energy.  Unable to focus on things for that long.  I wasn't sleepy (which means that going back to bed would have entailed me lying there and shifting around)...just...tapped.  So I called in sick on Thursday (something I rarely do) and took the day off, doing little of import.  By mid-Friday I was better, having gotten my mojo back.  I even got some writing done.  This exhaustion rarely happens, but it'll come to me now and again, especially if I've stretched myself too thin and have been stressed by either life or Day Job.

Which got me thinking about readjusting my life schedule.  Not so much getting rid of the writing schedule I have in place -- that's working just fine -- but just being a little smarter about it.  You know how I am...I like switching things up every now and again, keeping it fresh.  Try a few things, put a few older things aside.  Maybe return to a few things I'd put aside in the past.  That sort of thing.

It also got me thinking about if this is age related.  I'm 46 as of this writing, and while I still feel young and nimble enough, I know and have accepted that I'm getting older.  Both my knees are shot so I doubt I'll be doing any sprints any time soon.  I probably shouldn't give into temptation and snarf down endless packages of Zingers and bottles of Mountain Dew.  I really should follow up at the doctor about my somewhat high blood pressure (which has always been higher than average to begin with).  As fun as all that was, I probably have to move on from them.  Mind you, I'm still nimble.  I can still bounce around if need be.  Just that maybe I should finally think of my health a little more seriously than I have.

That said...maybe in the next few weeks I'll start shifting my daily habits around.  Not just for the health reasons, but just to keep things interesting.


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