May. 1st, 2017

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I've been listening to stuff from 1991 all morning and am currently on Lenny Kravitz's Mama Said album from April of that year.  I've never been the biggest LK fan, but this particular album resonates with me.  I think it's because it's such a spot-on homage to 60s British psychedelia.  It's also that it was released during my sophomore year in college, which I think is probably when I was happiest during my college years.  Sure, I still had moments of being a miserable twat and still a bit of a naive idiot, but I'd also finally found a close and stable circle of friends (only two of whom I still have contact with at this time, but I digress...). 

Part of this optimism was because I'd really gotten sick of being that moody bastard that felt sorry for himself.  My long-distance relationship was kind of rocky at the time, very on-again off-again, and I'd gotten so exhausted by being the living embodiment of a Cure song that I needed to rectify that.  I was bored by the unrelenting pathos of my writing, and I was REALLY bored by my own irascibility, and I need a change, STAT.

A lot of that new energy was channeled into new writing projects.  The Infamous War Novel was set by the wayside for the time being so I could focus more on songwriting, practicing on my bass (and a dorm neighbor's acoustic guitar), smaller creative endeavors (mainly my Murph drawings and a hell of a lot of maps drawn in the margins of my notebooks), and my creative homework.  I was finally taking a few film production and writing classes, and though I would soon realize I was a better wielder of words than cameras, it was a blast to finally be experimenting with the visual medium.

Oh, and starting the summer of 1991, I'd stay in Boston instead of heading back home.  I'd be broke as fuck most of the time, but I still had my music and my writing!  And a really enjoyable day job at the school library that would keep me busy and entertained until I graduated.

This is the mood I'll be trying to mine while writing Meet the Lidwells.  I hope I can pull it off! :)


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