Apr. 6th, 2017

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With the few people I've started following over the last day, I'm noticing a bit of a theme...a few have mentioned that this latest transference from LJ has rekindled thoughts of posting more often than they used to. It made me think about it as well.

To be honest, my Weekend Update posts over at LJ were fun but mindless filler. It's like I was posting there out of a sense of duty, even as my readership there dwindled. I did the bare minimum required though, a short What I Did This Weekend (or alternately, What Is Jon Writing This Time?).

A fresh start does sound like a good idea.

I've been thinking about trying to find a different speed to write at. What I mean by that: I've never found trying to stay on top of the latest trending topics all that enjoyable. It half feels like I'm jumping on a bandwagon, whether I'm prepared for it or not. The other half feels like I'm doing it more to stay caught up than I am riding the flow. I get entangled in the maelstrom of whatever indignation or Latest Hip Thing is going on.

Most of you have already heard me talk about this in previous blog posts.

My WordPress blogs have helped me detach myself from that, as has my personal offline journaling. I find my own pace, my own topics. I'm writing about what I'm thinking about, what I'm not reacting to. So perhaps this newly-minted account here might provide me with a similar avenue.

So what would I post about? Well -- good question. All sorts of things, really. This is my personal blog, separate from my writing blog or my music blog. I'd talk about what goes on in my personal life. Possibly where I'll post my photography (when I'm not uploading it to my Instagram feed). Whatever happens to be on my mind, at my own speed.

Let's see where this goes.


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