Apr. 2nd, 2017

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Another year, another tax season. Just did my taxes earlier this afternoon (and yes, it's an annual tradition for me to put on The Beatles' Revolver whenever I start...I managed to get them done before "Tomorrow Never Knows" this year!), and as usual we owe a bit. Apparently in California it's completely impossible to game the system and overpay on State taxes so we can get a refund. On the plus side, we paid a lot less in Federal this year (thanks, Obama!), so that's cool. And now I can cross that off my To-Do list.

So! These last few weeks have been quite exciting in terms of Big Changes. Well, not OMG excitement, but more like It's High Time We Changed Things changes. After the fesking nightmare that was dealing with AT&T, we finally got rid of them and changed to a New Kid in Town called Sonic for both our internet and landline. So far the change has been quite noticeable. The internet is a hell of a lot faster and more reliable, for one. And Sonic's customer service is MILES better. We also got new cell phones recently; after having Androids for ages, we now have Google Pixels, and we're quite happy with them as well--the quality and usability are both quite the step up.

We've also had some really nice weather this weekend so we got a lot of walking in...we had a nice long walk through Golden Gate Park on Saturday (with a side stop at 9th and Irving in the Sunset for ice cream and lunch -- in that order), and today we headed to the other end of Clement to shop at our local farmer's market. And it's supposed to be nice the rest of the week, so I'm sure I'm going to need to get off my duff after work and get outside!

Speaking of work, I've thankfully gotten past some heavy deadlines I had to deal with, so hopefully I can now take things a little less frantically. I've been meaning to adjust my writing habits as of late, so with all that stress taken away, perhaps I can finally focus on that more. Woo!

One last thing -- I'd completely forgotten that April is A to Z Blog Challenge month, so I found myself completely unprepared for it. I'm okay with that, though...I've decided to skip on the blog challenges this year and keep my options open. Take a year off and relax, take things at a normal speed. I do like doing them, I just want to keep my schedule open and easily accessible for a while. It's not often that happens!

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


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