Jan. 7th, 2017

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Thought I'd change things up a little bit and work out in the dining area of our apartment this afternoon. The Houston/Oakland wild card game is on, we just had grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch, and are now enjoying our Irish coffees. I don't feel like I'm ignoring A. this way (not that she really minds me going to my man cave back office to work on writing stuff...it's just that Catholic guilt kicking in!). I'm thinking once I'm done with the trilogy project and onto Something New, I'll probably do this more often.

I admit I'm getting some decent work done, considering that I'm not distracting myself (much). If I can get these two chapters done and maybe a third by late this afternoon, then I'll be happy. That way this evening I can work on my Daily Words as well as some more book covers. Like this one!

[Yes, that's my first name in French and a bad bit of wordplay for my last name, considering the real thing originates (we think) in France. The original picture was taken near the Louvre in Paris during a flash rainstorm when we were there last year. I'm finding I really enjoy using the Prisma filter app to play with my pictures, as they often come out really nice and usable for fancy-looking book covers.]

This coming week we hope to actually make it to the gym, as we've been bad over the past few months. My left knee is acting up (probably from lack of use, considering that I sit on my butt for most of the day), maybe working out again will help that. This also means that I'll have to update my mp3 players, as I've completely emptied them to start fresh! I'm thinking I might do something A did for her Manila trip, and fill one up with audiobooks. I'm always hemming and hawing over what to listen to at the gym, and I think that might actually be a good time for it.

Meanwhile, it's been raining off and on the last few days, and overnight tonight we're supposed to get the RAIN OF DOOOOOOOM from about midnight to sunrise, with possible flash floods and washouts. We haven't had a rainstorm like that since we moved out here to the Richmond -- in fact, one of the last days we were at our old place, there was a bad storm that caused some water damage there and flooded the Van Ness subway stop! As our current building just had a major reno and refit, we should be just fine, though. The most we'll get is pounding rain keeping us up all night. Bleh!

So yes...first week of the year is through, and things are working out rather well, so I can't complain. Yay!


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